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Arto Precast Concrete
Precast Compound Wall, Precast Concrete Products

Arto Precast Concrete


Precast concrete Products Manufacturers The range of products are precast Beams & Columns, precast Compound Wall, precast Cover Slab, precast Box Culvert, Crash Barrier, Curb-Stone,…

Magicrete Precast
Precast Compound Wall, Precast Concrete Products

Magicrete Precast


Manufacturers of precast cement products Products, Precast Columns & Beams, Magicpod, precast Wall Panels, Precast Staircases, precast Floor Slabs, Stormwater Drains. Services sectors primarily is…

KKSPUN India Limited
Precast Compound Wall, Precast Concrete Products

KKSPUN India Limited


Manufacturers of Precast Cement Pipes KKSPUN India Limited provides proven and specialized Precast Solutions for Smart City Projects, Bridge and Platform, Stormwater, Sewage, Waste Water…

Style Earth Precast Concrete Pvt Ltd
Precast Compound Wall, Precast Concrete Products

Style Earth Precast Concrete Pvt Ltd


Manufacturers of Precast Concrete Products, Readymade Concrete Compound Wall, Precast Compound Wall, RCC Concrete Boundary Walls. Our Precast Concrete products include Precast Compound Wall, Readymade…

BRHC Concrete Industries
Precast Compound Wall, Precast Concrete Products

BRHC Concrete Industries


Manufacturers of Concrete Pipes and Precast Concrete Products Our products include Concrete Road Barriers, Concrete Bench, Concrete Manhole Cover, Concrete Drain Cover, Concrete Cable Cover,…


Precast Compound Walls

Precast Compound Wall is a kind of building material, made of cement and different aggregates through a concrete mixer and curing machine. Precast Compound Walls are durable, long-lasting, easy to construct, easy to install, and can make huge wall panels in less time. 

Our precast boundary walls are perfect for commercial and residential applications, such as Home Perimeters. Our precast concrete walls are an excellent way to create a perimeter around your home.

Rather than build a wall from scratch and worry about how to hold it in place, install precast panels that don’t require any additional support. These panels are also great for use around swimming pools.

The most important thing is Precast Compound Wall can be installed on any type of base. In this case, Precast Compound Wall can be installed easily without any time-consuming. For that reason, nowadays, many homeowners choose this type of material for their construction. However, Precast Compound Wall should be considered for its own benefits and demerits.

This product is widely used in the construction projects like residential complexes, commercial buildings, highways, railways, civil engineering, industrial building, wall for retaining, and dam embankments. Concrete has wide application in the construction industry. Our company can provide Precast Compound Wall products in a variety of sizes and materials.

Usually,  Precast Compound Wall is used in the construction of roads, buildings, bridges, and so on. The process of making a Precast Compound Wall is simple. The first step is to prepare the mixture of cement, sand, and water properly. Then mix it properly without making any air bubble in it.,more labor-saving, more environment friendly, and high strength.

Precast Compound Wall is widely used in the fields like building, civil engineering constructions, highway constructions, etc.

From the above advantages of the Precast Compound Wall, we can see that it is an ideal solution for many construction projects, especially where high strength and durability will be required.

Here a brief introduction to Precast Compound Wall will give you a deeper understanding of it.

Precast Compound Walls require exceptionally less maintenance. This wall is widely used for various purposes such as building, construction, support, and many more.

Precast concrete walls consist of many components such as cement, sand, silt, water, and crushed rock which are mixed with each other in proper proportion to form concrete. Cement, Sand, and Silt are used for strength and crushed rock for various other purposes like maintaining length and stability.

Precast walls can be used for security, privacy, and decorative purposes. They are specifically designed to blend into your property, which helps hide your home or office. They can be used in conjunction with security cameras or lighting to create a well-lit and secure area.

For example, you can choose from one to three-panel alternatives, including a solid slab, a fluted panel, or a precast panel with wire mesh.

They can be used alone or combined with other features such as floor-to-ceiling windows that are made from chemically strengthened glass.

Precast concrete walls can be used to cover large openings like windows, doorways, and fire doors. They can be customized to fit the needs of your project.

It is also available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best matches the design of your property.

Precast Walling System is a cost-effective, attractive and secure way to block off windows, steps, and entrances.

It also helps to add a decorative touch to the exterior of your property and increase its value. If you have a high-rise building, precast compound walls are a great security solution.

It comes in a variety of colors and textures for you to choose from.

Tips to Install Precast Compound wall

Identify the boundary centerline. You can use string to determine the center. Mark the point. A lineout pole is placed at an angle of 45 to the centerline.

A lineout tape is fixed to the lineout pole and can be read easily at a distance of 25 ft.

The lineout pole is marked with two cross marks ∆ to align with the center mark on the boundary wall.

You should dig the foundation according to the guidelines given by the manufacturer, and the design is given by RCC Consultant.

Footing pit excavation dimensions are usually 450mm. × 450mm. × 600mm.

As per the design, lay the foundation first. If the land is sloping, you have to level the ground and make it even. The soil should be trimmed and leveled for a neat look of the compound wall.

You can dig your foundation pit- if the soil is heavy, you can use a test pit to decide upon its density and remove the excess soil.

If you are using a 3 ft. wall, then you have to lay the wall on a rubblestone bed and fix it in position. Even if you are using a 4 ft. wall, you have to place rubble stones in between the wall slabs to give extra support.  

Then, set up the plinth beam (Drive in the plinth beam).

Now, install the post and beam for the boundary wall. Now, apply the concrete mixture to the precast panels and fix it to the post and beam.

Install precast concrete wall panels on the ground and check the alignment with the lineout.

Fix the panels on the ground using wooden stakes, nails or wire mesh, etc.
Install the precast concrete panels in their position with the help of lifting jacks or different cranes.

Level the panels by using sandbags. It will help you to install the wall in a straight line.


Product Name: Precast Concrete Wall 

Packaging Detail: Carted

Delivery Period: 15 days

Installation Type: Precast Wall Type Filled

Packing Type: Covered with Plastic Sheet

Concrete Mix Type: Ready Mix

Item Type: Wall Unit

Unit Weight: 80 Kg.

Finishing:  Plastered

Quantity Per Packet: 2 Nos

Shape: Rectangular

Panel length: 2 meters

Color: As per requirement

Usage Type: Commercial

Wall Height: 1.2 – 3.5 meters

Get Best Quote Approx.  Rs 70 / per Square Foot onwards. 

Product Details: Concrete Commercial Prefabricated Wall

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