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What is Google Sites ?

The Google Sites is a very simple but effective website builder created, developed, maintained and owned by Google.


You don’t need any technical expertise to build a  website with Google. The user-friendly drag-and-drop tool enables you to create and maintain a website on your own.


Why use Google Sites ?

Everyone needs a website to create a unique virtual identity. However, creating and maintaining a presentable website becomes overwhelming with the various website builders out there. Here are a few of the reasons of using Google sites. 

User-Friendly Interface

Easily use our drag-and-drop interface, perfect for those who aren't tech-savvy. With easy template customization, even beginners can easily create, edit a website, and add text images, and YouTube videos,Google slides,Google forms and more.

Free hosting, free domain

Save recurring expenses with  free hosting and free domain, provided by Google sites eliminating the need for yearly maintenance fees. You can also use your custom domain with

Seemless Integration

Easily incorporate images and files from various Google tools into your website. Google website builder seamlessly integrates with tools like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Forms, slides, Google docs, sheets, Google maps.


Easily make changes to your website, such as adding or removing pages, sections, text, images, headers, footers, CTA buttons, products, and services in just a few minutes.  It makes you convinenient to give festival offers to your audiences, add or remove products and services efficiently on your own. No dependency on developer.


Rest easy knowing your website is secure on the Google platform - no need to worry about hackers.

Auto Backup

Autosave feature helps you to keep your website assets safe. Your site backup always remains safe & secure in Your Google drive.You can rest assured with Google.

Give Access to Other users

You can give access for your website created with our Google sites templates to other users, and enable them to make changes in your website. Thus, your site becomes a handy business tool for you, and serves more effectively for effective teamwork.

Save Web Developer Fees

Don't worry about hiring a web developer and spending extra money! With Google sites easy website editing feature, you have full control over making changes whenever you want. You or your team can easily open the website file and update products, services, prices, features, add images, offer discounts, and more. 

How can I give access to other users to edit my website in Google Sites?

sites access
  • Once you hit the publish button in the top right corner of the screen, your website will go live for the world to see.

  • You can invite other users to edit text, images, and more on your site. You can make changes and republish at any time, or choose to unpublish with a simple dropdown option.

  • Just like other Google products, Google Sites allows collaborators to make edits.

  • You can make modifications  and republish your website     anytime, or unpublish it if  you want, with dropdown option within the  same publish button.

  • Similar to other Google products, Google Sites enables editors to make modifications to the website. The only thing needed   is to you grant access to the concerned Google user.

    Giving other people access to your Google site is limited to that single website. 

Is Google Sites really Free!?

Yes!! The Google platform is completely free to use with a free Google or Gmail account. Google also provides free hosting, so you don’t have to worry about renewing your hosting. A free domain is available at However, it is preferable to purchase and enable your own custom domain, such as

Build a website with Google sites

  • You’ll need a computer to create and edit Google webpages. It does not happen with mobile phones.
  • Gmail/ Google  account   is probably the only mandatory requirement to use the Google Sites website builder. If you don’t already have one, you can create an gmail account for free.
Start with new Google sites new webpage screenshot crome
  • To access Google Sites   directly, search for ‘Google site new’ or open .
  • You can start creating new  website with blank site or use a free template provided by Google. Your own templates and themes will also show on this page, once you have them in place.
Write you site name
Write site name


You’ll see the name of the template, as the site name. You will see it as Untitled site for new sites, blank page, as the case maybe.

Start by writing your site name, by editing it directly on the top-left, in your Google sites editor.

The site name, will enable you to find out, and access your site, within all of your own sites in Google sites or Google drive, but it will not appear in your published website.

Website Title, sub-title, text, image

Simply click on the header text to insert your title, sub-title, and text. 

The header image and title text are already in place. You only have to replace both of them. You can use a header image from your computer. Google even provides readymade visuals for  you to pick from.

Change the header size by simply changing the header type. Choose between a large banner, a cover, a banner, or just the title. You can even remove the header completely.

With a few clicks, you can have your website’s hero section ready.

Make a copy of your website in one click
make a copy Google sites


You will see 3 vertical dots next to the publish button.Click over this, and choose the option,’ make a copy’. In no time, a copy of your entire website is created. Your website copy directly gets saved into your Google drive, and also appears in your Google sites folder. 


You can make as many copies, as you want, but Seopearls team suggests you to make at   least one copy before you go ahead to edit our website template.


So it remains  as a backup of the website template with you safe in your Google drive. 

Google sites theme
Google sites themes how to



With our templates, you don’t have to worry about theme, because we do provide a professional theme, that we create separately for  each of our template. No action   is required from your side.  


Otherwise, you need to select or create or import theme, to setup, colours, fonts, text sizes, navigation  setting , button colors, and more. If you are new, it’s better to use a theme provide by Google.

Add Brand logo and fevicon
brand logo fevicon




Simply navigate to the top-right area of the Google Sites interface and click the settings icon. From there, you can upload your business logo/ organisation logo and an eye-catching favicon that will appear in your visitors’ browser tabs. It’s an excellent technique to make your website simple to recognize. 

Customize navigation menu, remove pages, add subpages
manage pages
  • The list of your pages appears    in sidebar.
  • Click on the three vertical dots  next to  the page.
  • You are able to change the page title in properties.
  • You can create a sub-page for any page.
  • You are able to hide a page  from the  navigation menu.
  • You can also remove any page  using by deleting it.
  • You may also choose any of   your  pages as your homepage.
  • To make a new page, simply hover over the plus sign at the bottom of all the  pages. You’ll see four alternatives.
  • To create a new page, select  ‘New page’.
  • Choose the link option to  enable any web page on the  internet in your menu.  
  • You may also add a new menu  section or embed an entire page.
  • Your navigation menu will    appear on the top bar of your website.  No further action is required.
  • However, instead of top navigation, you can choose side navigation, which comes along with a left sidebar on your website, by changing the   settings in the top right.  
Add text, media, files in Google sites
Double click tool generate Google sites
  • All tools are there in the insert column of the right sidebar.
  • Or, Double click in empty section,or column. You will be given 5 options.
  • First is text. You can add text in a new section.
  • You can go ahead and add image by choosing an image  from your computer.
  • Also is to upload files from your computer. 
  • Another option is Google drive, wherein you can choose to  upload any file from you drive directly on you website.However, kindly make sure that the file that you upload from Google drive needs to be published online in drive.
  • Another option is embed. You can embed URL or any code. This is normally used by Seopearls to enable newletters created on other platforms. We will guide you  over this when you buy  our template concerned with embeds. 
  • You can drag sections columns and place it whereever you want. You will find empty section at the bottom. So,you can insert your content and create new section, and then drag it to drop  at your desire place within the same page.
Edit text and replace image
replace image
  • Single click to edit or change any text. 
  • Click on the image to get the tool to replace it.
  • You can also add caption and alt text.
Call to action buttons

You can create and add a call to action button using the button tool on  the right sidebar.

There are a  few button types obtainable, including filled, lined, and text buttons.You can customize the  color, font, and link for a call-to-action. You can create both internal, as well as external links.

Image Corousel


To can use, image carousel’ from the sidebar tools insert column, and you can upload any number of images.


You can use the  setting in the image carousel. With auto start, your images will move across as a slide show.   


You can also add text with captions to each image. You may enable or disble dots.

Enable spacer and dividers between sections
spacer divider

In the sidebar insert column, you can find spacer and divider tools. Simply click on the tool to enable it on your page.

Preview Website
preview site


While editing, you can checkout, how your website looks in desktop view, tab view, or mobile view, by clicking the preview button on the top right side.

Add Footer
footer add edit


To enable and customize footer, you need to follow the same  steps that you use to add text, media, enable buttons, and other elements.


You need to  click on ‘add footer’ or ‘edit footer’ at the bottom of your page and enable your website footer.

Integration with other Google apps
enable Google apps

When you sign up and create a free Google account, you will have immediate access to all Google apps.


Google Website Builder makes it easy to incorporate Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Charts, Google Maps, Google Forms Calendar, and YouTube videos into your website.


Simply hover over the insert column in the right sidebar to view all of the available options in the Google Sites interface. To activate things, click on    the app name, and you will be led to the relevant app files, from where you are able to enable the file on your website.


However, any file or media must have online visibility enabled so that your audience can view it on the internet.

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