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Dhere Concrete Products Company is a highly reputed  concrete products, and pipes manufacturer in Pune having a 45 year old reputed manufacturing history. The company offers a wide range of precast compound walls, readymade walls, water tanks, septic tanks, fancy boundary walls for residential, industrial and commercial complexes.

Our Precast Products

Our product range includes Precast Concrete Pipes, Precast Concrete Ring, Decorative Compound wall Manufacturers In Pune, Septic Tanks, Precast Water Tanks, Precast Concrete Dust Bin, Precast Manhole Cover Frames, Precast Half Round Pipe. The product details are as under.

Septic Tanks

Country of Make India
Product Shape Rounded
Length of Septic Tank 2.50 meters
Diameter of Septic Tank 600 mm to 1800 mm
Various Sizes of tanks, as per the required Number of Users 10 to 100 Users
Applications Treatment of sewerage water.

Precast Concrete Compound Wall

Our boundary walls are popular for it’s quality, and the low costing advantage. We offer readymade walls for half the cost, as compared to conventional Walls. Our factory made Heavy duty panels & poles panel enable Walls to erect onsite, with ease.

Product Delivery mode From factory Premade Poles & Panels assembled on site
Type Prestressed
Material Used Concrete & Flyash block
Panel Size  7 feet X 1 feet
Panel Thickness 50 mm
Each Panel Weight 80 kg
Pole length 11 feet
Pole thickness 150×150 mm
Each Pole Weight 155 Kg
Applications Boundary walls for buildings,Bungalows, farm houses, go-downs, industrial parks, hospital buildings, factories, commercial complexes, townships, solar parks, open land plotting projects.






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