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Seopearls Google site templates are well-designed and functional websites that you can view in your browser before you decide to buy. You need not be a tech-savvy to customize, add, remove, edit, and replace text, images, videos, sections, pages, and more, as per your desire.

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7 Reasons to Choose Our Website Templates For Google Sites

One-Time Investment

Find all essentials you’ll need to create professional websites in one place. Stop wasting time searching for solutions. Perfect for creating a user-friendly online presence, that inspires customers to explore your products, and services. Make a one-time investment for your a responsive website.

Eye-Catching Google Themes

Each of our Google sites templates feature a unique  theme with typography, sophisticated layouts, trendy color palettes, and compatible fonts. Impress your audience with our professional themes stylish designs, vibrant color schemes, typography, and modern layouts. Well-designed webpages are sure to increase user engagement. 


Small businesses can conviniently use our website templates for Google sites, and enhance their online presence, without breaking the bank. While saving the overall expenditure, our Google sites templates include essential features without expensive development services.

Responsive Website

Responsive design maximizes efficiency across all devices. including computer desktops, laptops, tabs, and mobile smart phones. Our websites are designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring a smooth user experience on any device.

No guesswork digital download

Preview the website templates for Google sites in one click and view live demo before making a purchase. 


Suitable for various industries. Flexible layouts for different purposes

Customer Support

While you can easily enable edits in your website template with our Google sites guide, you can also contact Seopearls support anytime for any more queries for template set-up.

Consult Us 1

Consult Us 1 Web template

A perfect choice for consultants and portfolio sites looking to make a statement online! With its user-friendly interface and captivating imagery, this website design is a sure way to catch the eye of your audience. The soothing blue color palette gives off a sense of professionalism and trust, making it an ideal fit for accounting services, chartered accountants, finance consultants, and even freelancers looking to showcase their work in style. View live demo website. Attractive theme, stylish fonts, and layout. 

59 $ / Rs.4900

Elegant Store

Tiles bathware construction website template

Elegant Store is the perfect mobile-friendly website template for Google sites for construction-related products and vendor service websites business. View live demo. With its clean layout and sophisticated design, this template promises to elevate your online presence. From stunning photos to a wealth of ready content, Elegant Store makes setting up your website a breeze. Not to mention, its SEO optimized content ensures your site will be easily found by potential customers. With Elegant Store, you can launch a visually appealing business website that truly stands out in the industry.

59 $ / Rs. 4900

Creative Interiors

Interior Designing Web Template 3

Creative Interiors offers the perfect website design solution for interior decoration services and showcasing interior portfolios. With a user-friendly interface, stunning images to captivate visitors, trending fonts, layouts, and SEO-ready content for optimal online visibility, this website design is a great choice for designers looking to showcase their work effectively. The ability to add brand catalogue PDF files adds a professional touch, making it convenient for clients to explore services and products offered. Click on the image to view live Mobile-friendly Google sites template.

59 $ / Rs.4900

Salon Cut Creations

Salon 1 Cut Creations Full page template design

Cut Creations is your go-to local salon shop website template for Google sites that offers a seamless booking experience for all your salon needs. With eye-catching images and a user-friendly interface, it invites you to explore a wide range of beauty services for both men and women. From trendy haircuts to beard trims, facial bleaches, and relaxing face and body massages. Small business can grow with best theme, fonts, layout. Easily display your contact information and effortlessly book appointments with just a few clicks. View live demo to transform your salon business!

39 $ / Rs.3200

The City Mall

seopearls tiles sanitaryware 1 fullpage

The City Mall Google Sites template is the perfect solution for small business local stores looking to showcase their products online in a user-friendly way. With eye-catching fonts, photos and a clean layout, the theme is ideal for small businesses to create a appealing online presence. What sets it apart is the ability to enable brand products catalogue PDF downloads, making it convenient for customers to import files for offline view. Furthermore, the option to display products category-wise ensures an easy and organized search for visitors, enhancing their overall shopping experience. Get ready to impress your customers and boost your sales.

59 $ / Rs.4900



The Tilemart is an awesome Website Template for Google Sites is the perfect fit for your tiles and sanitaryware shop! With its sleek blue palette and professional layout & fonts it exudes elegance while remaining user-friendly. The inclusion of images enhances the visual appeal of your products. Leveraging local search SEO, this template ensures potential customers can easily find your shop online. The ability to enable a product content catalog with PDF download option makes showcasing and accessing your products a breeze. Mobile friendly template to elevate your online presence and attract more customers to your showroom!

59 $ / Rs.4900

Interior Designer Google Sites Template 2

interior deisgners 2
59 $ / Rs. 4900

S P Ceramics

tiles sanitaryware 3 temp image
59 $ / Rs. 4900

Elegant Interiors

Interior Designing 1 Web Template
59 $ / Rs. 4900

Marvel Ceramics

tiles bathware temp 4 image
59 $ / Rs. 4900

Dark mode Design

tiles bathware 5 template website dark mode

Embrace the sleek sophistication of a dark mode website template for Google sites showcasing your products with flair and elegance. The modern theme not only captivates with its stylish aesthetic but also makes browsing a delight for your customers. With thoughtful details like a WhatsApp button for seamless communication and strategically placed call-to-action buttons, visitors are effortlessly guided through the immersive experience, enhancing both engagement and interactivity. Set the stage for your products to shine in this refined yet user-friendly virtual space.

59 $ / Rs.4900

S P Ceramics Blue

seopearls tiles sanitaryware 6 fullpage
59 $ / Rs. 4900


interior designers template 4
59 $ / Rs. 4900

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