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Horizontal flow wrap machine Manufacture

Process: Once the operator places the product in the conveyor, the pusher automatically moves your product horizontally to the tube forming device. Then the packed pouches are separated with cross sealing and the cutting knife.

Our flow wrap machine is used for packing of irregular shaped products.

The machine is very beneficial to pack hardware products such as hinges, bearing, locks.

The machine is used in the food production industry to pack biscuits, rusk, Chocolate, Scrotch bite, Sohan Halwa, Ice Creams Bars and so on.

Our horizontal flow wrap machine machine is used to pack Camphor.

Machine Specifications

  • Model Number: UT – 67
  • Power Consumption 3.0kw 415 v50 Hz
  • Sealing System Continuous Heat Seal
  • Pulling System Servo / Vector drive
  • Optional Attachment Ink jet / TTO printer
  • Electronic control panel with appropriate interlocking system
  • PID for vertical and horizontal sealing station
  • Contact Parts SS304
  • Packaging Speed 8 0-200 per minute. This varies according to the size of the pack.
  • Weight 1250 KG
  • Scanner for correction of eye mark
  • Websize
  • Width 40-125 mm
  • Height 40-100 mm
  • Length 70-225 mm


  • Category : Chocolate Packing Delhi


  • Sachet forming & sealing device
  • Sachet counter
  • Rotary switch with indication lamps
  • Applicable relays
  • Contactors, VFD drive, flexible wire

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