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Manufacturers of Dhoop Counting & Packing Machine

Dhoop sticks counting and packing machine automatically proceeds with the filling and sealing of dhoop sticks to form the HMI pouch.

Dhoop fed in a bowl feeder goes to the conveyor. The conical dhoop on the conveyor is processed under precision laser sensor. Dhoot counting is done by the machine and the dhoop sticks automatically get packed in pouches.

The number of dhoop sticks to be counted and packed in the pouch, can be decided as per the requirement of the company.

The number of dhoop sticks in a particular batch decides the speed of production of the machine.


Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Agarbatti Packing Machine

Agarbatti packing  pouch formation by filling incense agarbattis in the pouch and sealing the pouch are the functions of the machine, which is entirely an automatic process.

Fed the agarbatti incense sticks in the feeder of the machine in the horizontal direction. Then the sticks get gently fed in the Stacker or Rotary slotted wheel according to the agarbatti incense stick thickness. A precision laser sensor is provided in the machine for counting the sticks.

The machine operator can decide the count and the numbers of agarbatis to be filled and packed in the pouch by the machine. The agarbatti sticks count needs to be specified, and accordingly set in the HMI .

The sensor automatically halts the feeding of incense sticks, once the specified count of the sticks is done with, and seals the pouch automatically.

The number of agarbatti incense sticks to be filled and packed in each pouch can be decided by you and the same decides the speed of the production output of the machine.


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  • Plc operated machine
  • Touch screen HMI

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