Jas Enterprise Manufacture, export, and supply Sev, Farsan Making Machines, Namkeen Extruder

Namkeen extruders are used in the food processing industry, hotels, catering, restaurants, Small scale Sev manufacturers, and Namkeen production companies to manufacture.

Batch type namkeen mixture making line.

Semi automatic namkeen mixture making line.

Processing System equipment List

Dough kneader

Namkeen extruder Machine

Dal washer

Namkeen mixer machine

Processing System includes following equipment

Namkeen farshan Making machine

Nylon Sev making machines

Continuous Frying System with Heat Exchanger and Control Panel

Namkeen Mixer machine

Batch Fryer (Any one of following)

Rectangular Fryer with Tilting System and with or without inbuilt heat exchanger

Circular Fryer with or without Tilting System and with or without inbuilt heat exchanger

kerosene or diesel furnace

Namkeen Extruder are used to manufacture the following Industrial Food Products

Sev : Sev Bhujia, aloo sev, garlic sev (lasun Sev), ratlami sev, nylon sev, palak Sev, spinach sev, tomato sev.

Gathiya: Bhavnagari gathiya, jamnagari gathiya, methi gathiya, makhaniya gathiya, Bikaneri bujia.  Papadi.

Grating papaya and coconuts.





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