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The oil filling machine is a volumetric filler in which the product to fill is poured into the barrel of the filling machine.

Working Process of Oil Fill Machines

The working of the volumetric filling machine is simple. The filling machine has two filling heads, one for filling in bottles and the other for filling in cans. The oil filling machine has a motorized pump which is used to pump the oil from the storage tank.

The barrel will be rotating at a given speed and the filling of the product will take place automatically.

An oil filling machine and vegetable oil pumping unit are used to fill oil in the pre-filled container. The volumetric filling is carried out using the pneumatic principle along with some mechanical methods. The pneumatic principle is used with the help of an air compressor to fill the desired amount of oil as per the set quantity in the pre-filled container.

An oil filling machine is used to fill the cooking oil into different bottles. The cooking oil filling machine is characterized by a high degree of accuracy and perfect sealing. This unit is used to fill the container of a deep fryer with the amount of cooking oil usually between 1.5 to 4 kg. The stainless steel filling spout of the filler can be adjusted according to the height of the bottle.
The oil filling machine, oil filling machine cost, edible oil filling machine, and vegetable oil filling machine are available on this page. The oil filling machine is manufactured by highly skilled professionals using advanced technology and premium quality raw material in order to get the perfect results.

Applications of Oil Filling Machine

The oil filling machine is a liquid filling machine. It is widely used in various industries for filling edible oils such as Sunflower oil, Sesame oil, Corn oil, Groundnut oil, Cotton seed oil, etc into bottles and cans.
Oil bottle filling machines, Coconut oil filling machines, Sesame oil filling machine, Corn oil filling machines, Soybean oil filling machines, and Canola oil filling machines are in high demand in the market.

Automatic Oil Filling and Capping Machine

A fully automatic filling machine with a capping device. It has a high accuracy of up to 0.1ml and is suitable for a variety of liquids such as edible oils, spices, vinegar, peppermint oil, and many more. It has a filling speed of 200 bottles per minute.

Automation Grade: Fully automated operation and easy to operate.

Edible oil filling and capping machine is widely used in the food industry for filling and capping edible oil or nutritional powder, paint, and other material. It is integrated with the filling and capping of edible oil or nutritional powder, painting, and heating functions.

The material of the machine is made of stainless steel.

The filling & capping machine is suitable for high viscosity products, without waste and leakage. This automatic edible oil filling & capping machine can be used for a variety of oil bottles, such as PP/PE/PET bottles and so on. Oil bottle capacity up to 300ml, the bottle size from 100mm to 300mm can be changed.

Our automatic edible oil filling machine is widely used in many food factories, such as chocolate, biscuits, soap, and other food processing factories. It is easy to use and operate. It is designed to ensure the quality of the products. It serves as a good assistant for you. The automatic edible oil filling machine is mainly composed of a feeding system, filling system, capping system, controlling system, and so on.

Automatic, Mustard Oil Filling Machine

Mustard Seed Oil is a cold-pressed, yellow or brownish liquid at room temperature. It is slightly thick to very thick like molasses, and it has a typical taste and smell. It is used in many dishes and is one of the most important vegetable oils in cooking around the world. With a natural characteristic smell, it is very good in salad dressing, culinary sauces, and marinades.

An automatic, mustard oil filling machine is also known as automatic decorative machinery. It is mainly to cut the bottleneck and fill the mustard oil into the bottle. The bottle will be cut by the hydraulic cutting machine. Then the mustard oil is filled into the bottle by the pneumatic filling machine.

An automatic mustard oil filling machine is one of the most common filling machines used in the food processing industry and it is also very common.


Capacity:15 To 20 Bottle Per Minute
Operation: PLC and a touch screen to control
Automation Grade: Fully Automatic

The Mustard Oil Filling Machine not only adopts but also integrates the world’s advanced technologies of induction sealing, barrel infrared heating, and barrel gravity filling in one machine.

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