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Five things to consider when designing a custom chocolate package.

1. Be Realistic. If a product looks unprofessional or unappealing, customers won’t buy it.
Chocolate packaging is crucial because it sets the stage for the entire candy purchase. Since chocolate is a treat, you have to make sure the packaging is attractive to customers. It’s essential to be realistic when it comes to sizing and price.
It makes the final sale, whether the chocolate will be sold in a store or in a corporate gift basket.

2. The packaging of your chocolate is vital because it communicates more than just an aesthetic. Here are a few things that you should consider when it comes to the packaging of your chocolate:

3. Logo and Branding
One of the important aspects of chocolate packaging is your logo and brand name. It should stand out and be recognizable, even at a glance.

4. It can make someone decide to buy a product or pass it by. It compels the eyes to see your product and the mouth to salivate.

5. The right packaging will make the buyer feel like they are getting a premium product, which is exactly what is intended.
Let’s take a look at some chocolate packaging ideas that you can use to give your own chocolates a professional look.

6. A poorly packaged chocolate can make the whole chocolate look cheap and funny. Thus, chocolate packaging should be chosen carefully, and they have some great illustrations (which help to convey the ingredients.) It’s a no-nonsense look that allows you to easily identify the brand and what its product is.
Again, very classic look and mix of graphics and text.

The packaging immediately draws you in.
It looks like a treasure box, and the colors inside add to that feeling.

Types of Best Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate packaging comes in many forms and shapes depending on the type of chocolate, the manufacturer, and the person using it. Some types of chocolate boxes include chocolate with gold wrappers, wooden boxes, printed cardboard boxes, and even plastic containers.

1. Milk Chocolate with Patterned Paper

This is a wonderful example of elegant packaging. The color palette is dark, with tones of purple, gray, and brown. This has a very classic feel and would be perfect for business gifts.

2. chocolate with gold or silver wrapper

Each bar is hand-wrapped in a gold or silver foil, then hand-tied with a ribbon of the same color.

The most notable difference between the two sets of chocolates is the design of the wrappers. The first set has a thin strip of gold encircling the white wrapper, while the second set has a similar gold decoration but without the thin strip at the base of the wrapper.

Chocolate with gold wrapper and gold ribbon and chocolates with Silver wrapper and Silver Ribbon is fun giving chocolate packing types for children. It becomes a regular item on the grocery list for people having kids.

2. Chocolate packing boxes

Box of chocolates, presented on shop counters, as gift items, is a common practice. Colorful and attractive Chocolate boxes, with fancy printed pictures used for decoration, are trendy in 2022. Cardboard boxes are one of the most popular types of chocolate packaging. These chocolate packing boxes are sturdy, affordable, and easy to assemble. Empty chocolate boxes, in multiple colors, and designs are available with cardboard box manufacturers, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles that can appeal to anyone.

3. Aluminum Foil Packing

It is said that chocolate tastes best with foil packaging because it helps to keep the delicate chocolate aroma. Aluminum foil packaging is more expensive than other packaging materials such as paper, but firms are willing to pay extra for it because of the benefits that come with it. Kids love it!

4. Box Packing

Boxes are made from sturdy corrugated fiberboard and have the added strength of waterproof polyethylene bubbles inside.

Tips for packing a Chocolate Box

Fill your box with a layer of popcorn or tissue paper. Pack the box with crumpled paper or bubble wrap. Don’t use newspaper, which tends to get bumpy when you unwrap it and may rip. Fill the empty space from top to bottom with clothing, towels, or blankets.

Pack your chocolates upright, so they’re easy to stack into each other.
Use blocks of styrofoam. They’ll keep the chocolate from shifting and being damaged while they’re being transported.

If you’re mailing large items, use a box that’s 2-3 times the size of the item. If you’re mailing small items, pack them with bubble wrap or layers of tissue paper.

Make sure the box is well-padded and wrapped. Use bubble wrap or peanuts to cushion contents. Use sturdy packaging materials. Because, if it gets jostled around during shipping, it will break.

You may consider using chocolates that don’t require refrigeration because the process of removing them from the refrigerator and moving the box to your destination can be too much.

If you’re sending chocolates with a short delivery window, you usually prefer to send overnight mail so they arrive the next day.

If they’re too big, they’ll ship without insurance, and you risk your chocolate melting instead of being delivered.

Use a cold pack that you can easily take out from your freezer and slip into the box.

5. Ice packs

Pack your chocolate with ice or gel packs. If using ice, be sure to add a layer of popcorn or tissue paper between the chocolates and the ice. It can also be good to add a few pieces of ice along with the gel pack. The idea is to prevent any melting of the ice during shipping. The gel pack will stay frozen long enough to keep the chocolate cool during shipping.
Consider adding an ice pack to your package, especially if it’s a hot summer day. You can put the loose ice pack in a plastic bag or wrap it in a small piece of foil.

6. Chocolate boxes plastic inserts

This corner option would keep the chocolate box well protected.

7. Traveller chocolate

Dark chocolate with “strapwork design across the wrapper”
Milk chocolate with “strapwork design across the wrapper”

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