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It is logical to say, that many of the real estate developers in India,  do sell a certain percentage of units in their projects, at discounted price. This happens for projects having residential flats, NA plots, bungalows, and also for commercial spaces.

However, any layman real estate buyer rarely gets the advantages of discounted property price, in true sense.


This is because any builder does not reveal his minimum property price openly. Builder talks about best rates, only when he can see a large amount flowing in from the deal. 

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Group buying gives you the power of  being a bulk buyer, thus increasing your bargaining power. 


With the help of group buying technique, any single flat buyer can achieve lowest prices from builders, which is otherwise not possible individually.

How to evaluate discount percentage with group buying

If you are planning to buy any type of property in India, the first thing, that comes in your mind is the price. Each property has a government value, that is defined for the purpose of stamp duty calculations, referred to as market price. 


Actual property transactions, on the other hand, occur at a higher or lower price than the so-called fair market value. This is because each property is unique, and thus the price.

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Right time dealing is likely to be more profitable


The timeline of the deal becomes the most significant factor of real estate pricing strategy.

In short, buyers and sellers mutually decide the property price.  This is all about the real estate market trend in India, in a nutshell.


Hence it can be concluded, that best rate is a relative concept. You can evaluate property prices, as written above, and compare between the discounted price offers, that you will receive from multiple builder, consider your best choice and take your decision.

Smart Solutions for discount lovers


Buying a property at a lower price can become much easy, if the buyers understands more about the seller’s financial circumstances, and priorities. 

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Seopearls make things very easy for you. We convey builders, that there are ready customer groups, for various types of real estate products, having a desire to buy their property.


We create separate groups of property buyers for 1bhk flats, 2 BHK flats, 3 BHK flats, open plots, and so on. Also we make location-wise categorizations of group buyers. With a bulk buying capacity, you need not approach any builder, on the contrary builder will reach out to you, with unbelievable discounted offers. 

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