Sugarcane juice is one of the most wonderful fruit juices that offer dozens of health benefits. It acts as a natural remedy for several diseases and helps in fast recovery. Studies have proved that it recovers the loss of vitamins and maintains the balance of glucose levels. It refills you with instant energy and keeps you active throughout the day. You can get a sugarcane extractor to obtain fresh juice in the scorching heat.

You can enhance its taste by adding flavors like rock salt, lemon juice, or mint leaves. It is unlike refined sugar and can be consumed by sugar-sensitive people without any risk of health problems. It is a great alternative to artificial aerated drinks which can be harmful to health. It is the most recommended food for those who are recovering from jaundice. It contains natural sugars and therefore can also be consumed by diabetics without any risk. It does not increase the sugar levels of diabetic patients and provides relief. The sugarcane juicer is available in the market for restaurants, sugarcane juice stalls, commercial as well as residential purposes.

If you are back from your hectic work in heat you can get a glass of sugarcane juice from a sugarcane juicer. It will not only quench your thirst but also hydrates your body. It consists of high glucose levels and is a great energizer. It also improves the digestion process and is beneficial in constipation due to its high potassium level. Regular consumption of sugarcane juice strengthens the vital organs of the body.

Sugarcane is hard and so it’s not an easy task to make Sugarcane juice with the regular juicer used for other fruit juices. The sugarcane juicer’s rotation speed is slow and this is because slow speed allows the machine to extract more juice. The sugarcane juice machine presses and chews the sugarcane, and to extract the juice.

To operate a sugarcane juice machine you need to put the cane in the machine. The stainless steel blades will cut through the cane separating the pulp from the juice. The sugar juice is then collected in a liquid collector contained. The cane pulp gets separated and collected in a pulp collector.

Once the process I complete, empty the pulp and chill your juice until ready to drink. This machine is easy to clean once dismantle and is dishwasher safe. Please note, that only detachable components are dishwasher safe and can be washed with warm water.

Sugarcane juice Machinery is used for juice making for mass quantity sugarcane juice. Such production mostly happens in sugar factories. The only difference is that in sugar factories sugarcane juice production happens mechanically and on a large scale.

However, the basic principle of making juice out of the sugar cane is the same; as the machine used for small restaurants and street sugarcane juice stalls. Sugar cane proceeds through conveyor belts to industrial sugarcane juice machinery.

Firstly sugarcane is cut with the help of a cutting machine to get finely chopped sugar cane.

After chopping, the chopped sugar cane goes into huge rollers. The big size heavy applies pressure on the sugarcane to extract the juice out of the cane. The chopped sugar cane goes through rollers, again and again, multiple times in a similar way, as it is done on street sugarcane stalls. This way it ensures that the maximum possible of juice is extracted from the Sugarcanes.

The extracted juice is treated with steam. Thereafter the sugarcane juice is kept as it is for some period of time for the impurities to settle down. Thereafter the sugar juice is processed through evaporators to remove the moisture. The sugar juice become thick and gets converted into a sugary syrup.

The sugar syrup is finally boiled in huge industries tanks to form sugar. After steam treatment for removing the impurities finally, the sugar becomes ready.

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