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Local Seo

This Type of Seo deal with local businesses, which have their target audience restricted to a city or town or suburban area/s of a Mega City.

Medical Seo


Resort Seo

Images speak more than words in this category Seo

Sports Items, Children Play equipments, Gymnasiums

Dynamic and action oriented category

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$0 / month
  • 3 Regular Ads
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  • Limited Support


$21 / month
  • 3 Regular Ads
  • 1 Featured Ads
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  • Basic Support


$39 / month
  • 5 Regular Ads
  • 4 Featured Ads
  • 2 Top Ads
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  • Best Support


$59 / month
  • 7 Regular Ads
  • 5 Featured Ads
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  • Ads will be bumped up
  • Unlimited Support

Manufacturing Company Seo

Target audience is more likely to be B2B as well as B2C for this category websites. Few types are given here.

Real Estate Seo

Property market are relatively larger ticket sized product oriented activities.

SEO India Campaign Methodology

Client’s SEO Goals

  • First comes first; we at Seopearls first understand our client’s business products & services.
  • Client’s Business Objectives and overall commercial enterprise goals is the purpose of our company’s SEO Services, Pune India.
  • So it is important that we and our client are on the same page from the beginning.
  • You need to write to us in detail about your business.
  • Your target audience, products, services, service locations, prime focus areas and your aims for performing Search Engine Optimization should to be clearly conveyed to us.
  • Your approvals for keywords and other strategies need to be given to us asap.
  • We focus on your business goals, without any preconceived ideas of our own.
  • However our SEO in India service experts will tell you about how we can go ahead, to boost your website traffic and which all things will be practically achievable, by means for our white label SEO service campaigns.

SEO Audit

  • Evaluation of various factors that have a direct or indirect impact on your SERP’s rankings is done by our SEO experts. Accordingly we define our  White label Search Engine Optimization service action plan.
  • We perform an in-depth and effective analysis of your website.
  • We will list all white hat SEO services concerning factors, related to content writing, content marketing, technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.
  • Our professional SEO India service company team in Pune will do the homework for achieving success in search engine results by ways of ethical and good SEO activities. 

Competitor Analysis

  • The whole purpose of our company SEO services in India is  to rank your web pages higher than other websites which belong to the same industry, by ways of ethical white hat SEO only.
  • So the websites with the same keywords, on top Google rankings in Google search engine results pages, are competitor’s websites in our terms.
  • Our expert SEO company professionals from Pune will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors sites in SEO aspects.
  • We will do reverse engineering of your competitor URLs to check out their technical SEO and on-page SEO strengths and weaknesses.
  • Your competitor backlink profiles are also checked by our off-page SEO experts.
  • We consider all of this, when we plan the SEO strategy of your website.
  • However, being a reputed white hat SEO service agency in Pune, we perform ethical white hat SEO only and so we will not directly use anything from your competitor websites, while performing our SEO service activities.
  • This helps our SEO service activity goal settings for optimizing client’s website on different parameters.
  • We know exactly what it will take to beat the competition on SERP, to reach our website on Google  page 1. 

Custom Strategy

  • Our expert SEO services company India puts together all inputs and findings. Client’s business activities and goals, SEO Audit Report, Website target audience, Competitors and Google algorithms.
  • Accordingly our SEO service agency decides the white label long term SEO custom strategy:
  • The keywords, content structure, website design, and the overall expectations of users from the web-pages, should be in proper alignment with the target audiences.

Target Audience

  • SEO India services Company white label SEO consultants in Pune will survey, analyze, identify and define the website target audience. 
  • Google wants to meet the searcher’s query.
    The searcher on Google search engine for keywords related to your business is your target audience.
  • Appreciating the concerns of the target audience can help out Google to meet their searcher’s query.
  • So understanding your target audience becomes a priority.
    We try to understand their perception.
  • So for Seopearls, it means that we need to optimize the website by keeping our client’s target audience in mind. 
  • People normally want to see the old things in new ways. 
  • A few of the parameters of analyzing the target audiences are considered by our SEO services Company India. Accordingly, our Pune-based SEO service company does target audience segmentation to age range, gender, occupation, marital status, education, interests, ethnicity, income level.
  • Different ways of approach should be taken into consideration for B2B & B2C audiences. 
    Locations of the target audience are listed by our good SEO service company experts.
    Industry-wise, the target audience’s approach changes, which we do consider essentially.
  • Industry-wise SEO service Strategy- The user expectations, priorities, and needs for different keywords/ key-phrases differ 

Keyword Research

  • For each and every key-phrase, Google’s machine learning tools, decide the search positioning priorities of their search results. Once we start thinking in the searcher’s way, we are likely to get closer, to understand Google search engine policies. 
  • Keeping in mind the purpose of the client’s target audience’s search goal, our SEO service agency can find the right keywords. 
  • Considering all this together, our SEO in India service experts come up with a set of final keywords / key-phrases for our client’s website. 

Technical SEO

  • The coding errors are fixed, by our  technical SEO team experts in Pune.
  • Crawl Errors fixing: This helps in indexing websites.
  • Robots Txt File: This will helps Google to index the content of a website. 
  • Website Security Issues fixing: This to ensure to search Engines, that the website is secure.
  • Sitemap.xml :It tells Google about important pages,  on your website.
  • Structured Data mark-up: It helps search engines to understand the data on the page.
  • Page Speed:  Google indicates site speed as one of the important search rankings factor. The user has multiple search options. When a user clicks a site page, it needs to open fast, otherwise he/she moves to the next search result page.  There are multiple coding factors to be fixed on a website to increase the speed and our Search engine optimization services agency technical experts in India do it precisely.
  • Canonical URL: Google hates duplication. Canonical credits to the original content and prevents duplicity.
  • Mobile Optimization:  In 2021 it is no more a secret that a maximum of your target audiences are going to use mobile devices to visit your site. Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm makes this a prominent ranking factor.
  • BreadCrumbs: This tells your website visitors, about where they are, on your site. Google can know how your site is structured.
  • URL structure: Any web page can be better understood by Google as well as the user.
  • Google Analytics Setup:  A free tool by Google, which tells us about the user’s behavior on  webpages and more.

Content Marketing

  • The most prominent factor for any of your digital marketing or Internet marketing campaigns is your content. 

  • Optimizing the content for machines, as well as the users, is a prime essence of SEO and is done precisely by our SEO India services company professionals in Pune.

  • Keywords are about what the users are looking for on SERPs;   

  • AND

  • Content is about the fulfillment of the expectations of the users!

  • The content should become more specific, user-friendly, relevant, attractive and solution-oriented, for your target audience. 

  • Our niche SEO service agency white label SEO experts focus on quality content, for your website, as well as blog posts, press releases, article submissions and more.

Landing Page

  • When the user puts in a certain keyword in Google search he reaches the Google search engine result’s page. When he clicks on any search result, he reaches/lands on some webpage which is called a landing page.
  • We know that the user expects to see a certain content on the landing page.   
  • If the user doesn’t get what he wants on any website landing page, he will leave. It is observed that normally within 2-3 secs, you need to convey to the user that he should stay there, otherwise the user leaves your page.
  • In such a case, neither the purpose of the user is resolved, nor do you get any benefit from the user’s click, nor does the purpose of Google SERP is resolved.
  • Keeping this in mind, our SEO agency service provider Pune team conveys our client and our client needs to accept the importance of landing pages.
  • Your website landing  pages are meant to create web pages for the target audience to understand your business products and services.
  • Our SEO India services will boost your website traffic but that is not enough for your ROI.
  • We need to understand the importance of quality and relevant content on the website.
  • Otherwise your ROI will drop and you won’t renew your SEO India service contract with us and this way, we also are likely to lose a client.
  • We will talk about the landing page, after we completely study and analyze your business and your website.
  • Searchers may sometimes still leave your page after 2 secs but there are a few different reasons for this like accidental clicks.
  • Your target customer should not leave your website within such a short span is our goal, when we talk about your ROI.
  • Our SEO services company in India aims to boost your rankings on SERP to boost your sales inquiries. We need precise and best inputs about your business and your landing pages content from your side.
  • Seopearls SEO service experts in India will take all the necessary steps to optimize the landing pages.


  • Meta Tags: Enables search engines to determine the content of a website.
  • Internal Linking: The users get relevant data on other pages of the website. Also let’s search engines crawl better.
  • Broken Links: Broken links affects Google rankings. We do check out and fix up broken links on the website. Users can be redirected to the relevant page, which prevents from a bad user experience.
  • Social Media Links:  Social media page links, to your social media pages, like Face book, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn  from your website helps you ranking better on search engines. However social media page backlinks are not considered, for ranking webpages on Google SERP’s.
  • Site Architecture: The internal links ,website navigation and URL structure are focused indexing.


  • Off-Page SEO Pune division of our SEO India services company will generate quality backlinks for your website. Link building is very important in SEO.
  • Your website backinks quality and quantity needs to up to the mark to rank your website on Google search engine page 1.
  • Quality back links are those, which come from high domain authority websites, which are more trusted by the search engines.
  • Also your back links should come from similar categories and relevant websites. The quality of backlinks is taken care of by our white hat Seo India services agency. It is very important to understand that, spam back links may spoil your rankings.
  • Our white hat SEO submission service experts in India generate genuine Back links. We do:
  • Business Directory Submissions
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog Commenting
  • Press Releases
  • Classified Listings
  • Question & Answers marketing
  • Broken Links Building
  • Document Sharing

SEO Reporting

  • Seopearls SEO India services company provides measurable white label SEO India results.
  • Our Pune SEO company gives you monthly reports for your Search engine optimization campaigns.
  • Based on official Google analytics and a few other authentic tools, our SEO India service agency team members will provide white hat SEO reports to our clients. We provide you update metrics.
  • Ranking position for each keyword/key-phrase.
  • Website Traffic Count
  • Audience Analysis- User Behavior
  • Average time spent by users on pages,
  • Where from your web-traffic is coming
  • Conversions-activities on your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

          SEO or PPC Ads, or Both?
  • Search engine optimization  can give free organic search, but you need to wait for 3 to 6 months for SEO results.
  • PPC is pay per click, which is a paid service on Google Search Engine, which starts showing results immediately.
  • Based upon your preferences, priorities and budget, you need to decide your strategy.
  • Our SEO service experts in Pune India will give you good suggestions on this.
          How can I make use of SEO leads for my business growth?
  • When your website pages start showing on top Google ranking pages, it is likely that there will be a sudden rise in lead generation for you. With our SEO company good services in India this will happen.
  • Your staff should be prepared to handle each inquiry carefully, to optimize your conversion ratio.
  • Your marketing team should be trained and prepared for attending more phone calls.
  • Email marketing campaigns should be done because you will be collecting many email ids from your website visitors.
  • Chat and WhatsApp inquiries will appreciate  immediate and precise response from your marketing team.
           What is ‘Black hat SEO’?
  • Sometimes people tend to take shortcuts to trick the search engines to save their own work and time.
  • To show some progress in website rankings to the client, people use black hat search engine optimization tricks, which may work sometimes for short periods only.
  • Risky black hat SEO is done by spam comment backlinks generation, paid links, doorway pages, invisible text, keyword stuffing, using duplicate or plagiarized  content, article spinning etc.
  • Google penalizes the website pages which are spams, irrelevant and not useful for their users.
  • The common consequences of Black hat SEO or negative search engine optimization are Google penalties. As a result of this, the rankings of such websites drop-down dramatically and drastically. Sometimes in extreme cases Google bans the website from their SERPs.
  • For all of these reasons Seopearls company always goes for white hat good SEO services. We don’t believe in any shortcut search engine optimization methods.