User focus SEO agency strategy for better online visibility, high rankings, increased traffic, & more conversions

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Your target audience often includes prospective or existing customers, in addition to people who are either directly or indirectly related to your business niche. We focus on ensuring that your audience needs to begin to find solutions on your website. We start organizing your product details, service benefits and features business terms, and other information such that your audience can access it in a logical sequence. 


Your website is transformed into an interactive business growth asset for you when you hire Seopearls ethical SEO company services. Your sales funnel will perform admirably. With the help of high rankings on organic results pages, your website will become much more user-friendly, performing half of your marketing activities.


SEO Strategy based on Actionable Analytics


The company SEO strategy is based on facts, and figures. Each business is unique, and so are the user priorities, and preferences. We don’t believe in taking SEO actions based on guess work, and gut feelings. 

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We adopt a scientific approach. We make decision based on data analysis, and artificial learning.



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What is the Process of SEO Services?


Our ethics benchmarking methodology will optimize every corner of our client web pages. 


Step 1 - Discovery

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The first step in Pune SEO services is to learn about the client’s business and fully comprehend the digital marketing SEO goals, priorities, target audience, and niche. We try to learn about your company without possessing any preconceived notions. Following that, we dig deeper by reviewing your online presence, website keywords, and content assets. 


Step 2 - Competitor Analysis to achieve higher ranking positions


Before we plan a strategy to take your website one step ahead of the competition on SERPs, the SEO services team will understand and analyze the competition. We help you to outrank your competitors to rank higher.


Step 3 - Our Profitable Keyword Research will guide you to success

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Relevant and most used keywords define the pages where your target users visit  frequently. We focus on keywords that are directly related to the offerings on your website.

SEO experts will conduct keyword research to find profitable keywords that match the client’s target audience’s queries. The relevance of your short and long-tail keywords involves determining your company’s success via organic search channels.

Step 4 - SEO team experts design your Custom Strategy, & schedule

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The Pune SEO services expertise determines SEO service campaign outcomes and timeframes, & develops a unique strategy and time schedule for our SEO services company’s action plan.


Step 5 - Content Optimization

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In our opinion, the results of SEO services are primarily based on content marketing. The Panda algorithm update by Google focuses on website content, and the uniqueness of your content is the most important factor for SEO success. The expertise of Seopearls SEO services will optimise your text content for keywords and search intent. Titles, headings, subheadings, and images are also optimised. If we discover plagiarism or keyword stuffing, we will correct it.


Our SEO firm specialises in implementing user-intent-focused content. User engagement with the content that we will optimise for your website will increase. Your conversion optimization potential will skyrocket as user engagement increases. If users stay on your website, they are more likely to take action.


This increases the number of leads you generate. Our content marketing SEO company strategy will help you maintain your organic search ranking positions in the long run.

Step 6 - Website Speed SEO as per core web vitals Google guidelines


The SEO company optimizes the core web vitals, that very important metrics for site speed in 2022, as per the latest Google algorithms. We use the appropriate WP plugins to optimize the client’s site speed.


Step 7 - Mobile-Friendly SEO strategy for smart phone users 2023

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Mobile first Google policy makes us very important to optimize the client’s website pages for mobile.


Step 8 - Smart Link Building strategy to build your online network

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Our Pune SEO company team takes a systematic approach to implementing no-spam backlink generation campaigns for our client’s websites. Local citation building, bookmarking, blog posts, forum postings, and Quora links are all part of our strategy for building links. Besides that, we deploy press release links and Edu links when applicable and beneficial.


Step 9 - Website Architecture SEO for easy content access to users


To assist Googlebot’s crawling and indexing, our company’s SEO team will enable your website’s navigation with organized internal linking. By this means, the users can easily access all the content on your extensive web pages.


We enable proper navigation on your site, allowing your target users to access more web pages. We will make it simple for users to access your site’s deep-rooted website pages, providing more detailed information about your company’s products and services.


Step 10 - Voice SEO

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Search results presented by voice assistant require special attention, and you can rely on us to optimize them.

Step 11 - Landing Pages Optimization

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Your landing page strategy is developed by the agency team after analyzing your user behavior. We make the necessary SEO changes on a monthly basis based on user insights and indications.


Step 12 - Reporting: Our transparency policy with monthly reports 


We’ll send you regular updates on your ranking status, user behavior, location, and other Google Analytics insights. 


What are the locations of your SEO services?
  • We offer SEO services for websites in Pune, Mumbai, all over India, the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, UAE, and various other countries.