Our SEO India Company Package Features

  • Complete SEO: Each SEO package of our Indian SEO company covers each and every factor of optimization of your Website for search engines. We think that doing no SEO is better than doing incomplete SEO or wrong SEO.
  • Tracking SEO work: We communicate with you about your SEO work, done by us, throughout your SEO campaign process. Final SEO results do take a lot of time. The optimization of your Website will happen step by step. However you can keep a track on stage-wise progress of SEO factors in our monthly SEO reports.
  • Measurable SEO Campaigns : We have given a list of activities in the SEO packages. Each activity can be measured and tracked by your side. Our monthly reports details are also mentioned in our SEO packages. We provide transparent and measurable results. Our reports will be in simple format making it easy for any layman to understand and check it out.

SEO Packages

Particulars of SEO FactorsSEO Campaign 15 KeywordsSEO Campaign for 30 KeywordsSEO Campaign for 50 Keywords
Number of Webpages3 to 7 Pages6 to 15 webpages10 to 25 webpages
Technical SEO / On-Page SEO   
Google Penalty checkYesYesYes
Crawling Errors DetectionYesYesYes
Robots.txt Creation & AnalysisYesYesYes
Google Bot crawl access checkYesYesYes
Sitemap XML CreationYesYesYes
Google Console Set-upYesYesYes
Google Analytics Set UpYesYesYes
Bing Webmaster ToolsYesYesYes
Target Audience AnalysisYesYesYes
Competition AnalysisYesYesYes
Competitors Keywords Analysis3 Competitor Sites5 Competitor Sites10 Competitor Sites
Short tail & Long tail Keywords ResearchYesYesYes
Keyword-URL Relevancy MappingYesYesYes
Keyword Density AnalysisAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
Internal link structuring & optimizationAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
Title TagsAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
Meta DescriptionAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
Header TagsAs per relevancyAs per relevancyAs per relevancy
Images Optimization / Alt tags optimizationYesYesYes
Footer OptimizationYesYesYes
External Links OptimizationYesYesYes
Schema MarkupYesYesYes
Website usability analysisYesYesYes
Meta Tag OptimizationAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
Google Cache of PagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
Make the website Mobile- friendlyYesYesYes
Social Links on each pageYesYesYes
Broken links FixingAll Web-page URL’sAll Web-page URL’sAll Web-page URL’s
URL structure AnalysisAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
SEO-Friendly URL WritingAll Web-page URL’sAll Web-page URL’sAll Web-page URL’s
Duplicate Content CheckAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
Existing Website Content OptimizationAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
Fresh Web Content SuggestionsAll Web-pagesAll Web-pagesAll Web-pages
Writing for Directory / Link SubmissionsYesYesYes
Local SEO Search Optimization   
Google My business Account Set-upYesYesYes
NAP CitationsYesYesYes
Off-Page SEO Every month   
Initial Backlinks AnalysisYesYesYes
Off Page Profile CreationYesYesYes
Search-Engine Website Submissions303030
Competitors backlinks Source URL’s124
searching and submissions   
Blog Post Submission (Script needed)247
Link Syndication5710
Article Submissions(Script needed)123
Company Profile Submissions123
Directory Submissions557
Classified Listings5710
Video Submission (if available)123
Q & A Submissions112
Image Submissions124
Press Release Submission123
Blog Commenting357
Social Bookmarking357
Image Submission247
SEO Monthly Report   
Accomplishment for the monthYesYesYes
Google Analytics ReportYesYesYes
Keyword RankingYesYesYes
Minimum Contract Duration6 Months6 Months6 Months
Monthly Price payable200$ OR Rs 15000/360 $ OR Rs 27000/700$ OR Rs 52500/