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Manufacturers of Bag Packing Machine / Granules Packing Machine

Model: Gravity Flow Packer 1.2 (VTC- GFPN 1.2)

The output of the Machine: 12 bags/min (50kg bags)

Duplex granule packing machine used for packaging granular products, sugar, Rice, Food Grains, fertilizers, Sponge Iron, Seeds, Chemicals, Plastic Granules.

Bag Packing Machine Operation

  • The Machine is placed below the Storage Hopper.
  • The granules, wheat, rice materials flow into the damper, which is controlled by Pneumatic Cylinder.
  • The bag need to placed below the machine and the granule packing machine will holds the bag
  • Filling of granules material is automatically done by the machine, as per your required weight of granules
  • After completion of filling, the bag will automatically drop into the below box or drum.
  • Under the bag filling machine a Conveyor operates to carry the filled bags.
  • The bag is finally packed and becomes ready.


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