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Wet Sand Packing Machine Manufacturers

Model: VTC-VFP-1.1–8
Wet sand weighing & wet sand automatic packing machine is specially designed for wet sand material.

Wet Sand Packing Machine Operation Process

  • Wet sand machine to be fitted below the wet sand storage hopper.
  • Wet Sand material flows into the machine damper.
  • The system flap opens and wet sand falls into the load based weighing hopper.
  • Filling takes till the weight set in the machine by the operator is achieved.
  • The continuous sealer placed next to the machine seals the pack.



  • Category : Wet Sand Packing Machine


  • Easy to Operate and Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Pack wet sand material
  • Automatic Wet Sand filling and weighing
  • Machine Quality Assurance
  • Machine can pack wet material like sand
  • Dual weighing hopper for Higher Output

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