Chyawanprash Filling Machine Manufacturing Company

Chyawanprash is a popular Indian immunity booster and a ayurvedic tonic for all age groups. Chyawanprash is a concentrated blend of nutrient-rich herbal formulation.

Our chyawanprash filling machine is used to fill Chyawanprash in bottles and pouches of desired sizes.

Our machine can benefit and speed up production capacity in pharmaceutical industries, food processing and beverages industries.

Chyawanprash filling machine Specifications

Country of Make Made in India
Product Functions Chyawanprash Filling in bottles
Machine Model piston block based model
Packing Machine Type Table top model
Brand Veena pharma Eqipment
Machine Sizes single head to six head options
Phase Standard
Voltage Standard
Machine Body Material Standard
Operating Speed As per material quantum
Hopper capacity as per requirements
Machine applications Ayurvedic,& Pharma companies


The sucking of the material is done in a suitable way according to the viscosity of the product. Chywanprash filling machine sucks the material in the syringe from hopper, or directly from some source tank through pipe system.

At Veena pharma Eqipment, we provide customized solutions in the machine. The filling sizes and speed requirement of the clients differ. So we provide Chywanprash filling machine in single head up-to six head sizes as per the requirement of the customers.






  • Good quality material and products
  • Machine designed By qualified engineers
  • Best quality output and least breakdowns