Commercial Automatic Idly Batter Filling Machine

Batter filling machine is used to fill fresh and fermented batter products. The machine will deliver the batter filling accurately even when the tank level is full or low. After removing the air bubbles, the batter filling is done by the machine.

Batter Packing Machine Specifications

Country of Make Made In India
Product Type :  Idly Batter Filling Machine
Automation Grade Semi Automatic
Machine Capacity 500 gm – 10 kg
Packing Machine Dimensions Inches 36″ X 30″ X 60″ Inchs
Brand  0.25 Hp
Power Single Phase
Phase 230 V
Voltage  Stainless Steel
Machine Body Material  Semi Automatic
Operating Speed 400-750 Packets per Hour
Hopper capacity  60 Litres
Machine applications Batter,Idly Mavu, Dosa Mavu, Mango Pulp, Adhesives, Jams & Viscous products








  • Weighing accuracy ​5gm-10gm
  • Batter characteristic remain intact
  • Weight Metric Filler
  • Easy Tank washing
  • Electronic digital control
  • 98% accuracy filling