Solar Energy Solutions, Pune
Solar Energy Solutions, Pune
Solar Energy Solutions, Pune
Solar Energy Solutions, Pune
Solar Energy Solutions, Pune
Solar Energy Solutions, Pune
  • Yerawada, Pune, India

G1 Energy Solutions, Pune

Manufacturers of Solar Street Light, Home Lighting, Solar Water Heaters in Pune

G1 Energy Solutions specializes in solar energy solution design, development, and manufacture. Our strength is in thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs and then developing and manufacturing tailored solutions to meet those needs. Our designs may and will be easily altered to match any needs our clients may have.

Our Products

We offer a variety of products to meet the needs of our consumers.

1) Solar Street Lights

Solar street light

High frequency transformer technology provides maximum output in the shortest amount of time.

2) Solar Home Lights

Solar home lighting

Our easy to install home lights are a boon for lighting in Remote Areas.

3) Solar Power Generation

Solar power generation

We have been working with SPV for a long time with prominent organizations and enterprises in India.

4) Domestic Solar Water Heater

Domestic solar water heater
  • Shrink Nil HCFC free PUFF insulation
  • Models to suit different water qualities
  • Ss304 tank with SS308TIG welded ultra formed tank
  • Mag AL Sacrificial Anode for protection from galvanic corrosion
  • Increased energy collection under cloudy conditions

5)Industrial Solar Water Heater

industrial solar water heater
  • Custom designed systems, any capacity from 1000LPD to1,00,OOOLP
  • Temperatures up to 80° c (both thermosiphon and forced circulation systems)
  • Heat EX™ jacketed heating systems for varying water quality
  • Heating of water, chemicals, oil, thermic fluid, etc.
  • Optional automatic back up system with LPG or electricity
  • Turnkey design to suit modern architecture
  • Modular integrated fourth generation thermal solutions
  • Applications:- hotels, hospitals, apartments, hostels, marriage houses, canteens, dormitories, boiler feed, paint shop, industrial washing, automobile service stations, etc

6) Solar Operated AC Pumps

Water is pumped at a modest speed/flow even in the morning, evening, and during cloudy weather. Since our product can be used with your existing pump setup, there is no need to purchase a new pump option.


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  • Highly Customized Solutions
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Exhaustive Market Research
  • Strategic Business Alliances
  • In-house Research & Development
  • Highly Qualified Professionals
  • Industry Experienced Technicians
  • Reliable, & Efficient Product Line
  • Cost-effective Pricing structure

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