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We are manufacturers of machinery for the food manufacturing industry

Newtech Industries products include a big range of food machinery products for Coconut Processing, Copra Processing, Coffee Processing Grain Processing, Groundnut Processing, Pulse Processing, Spice Processing.

Our machinery is beneficial for  hotels, caterers, coconut product manufacturers, food outlets, restaurants,& hospitals.

List of Coconut Processing machines

Coconut Husk Remover Machine
Dehusking Machine
Deshelling Machine

Coconut Shell Remover
Deshelling Machine

Paring Tool Coconut Skin Peeling Tool
Paring Tool
Paring Machine
Paring Machine
Coconut Pre Cutter

Newtech Industries Inclined Belt Conveyor
Inclined Belt Conveyor
Newtech Industries Inclined Bucket Conveyor
Inclined Bucket Conveyor
Newtech Industries Pneumatic conveyor
Pneumatic conveyor

Trough belt conveyor
Belt Conveyor
Newtech Industries Screw Conveyor
Screw Conveyor
Newtech Industries Inspection Conveyor
Inspection Conveyor
Newtech Industries Roller Conveyor
Roller Conveyor
Newtech Industries Bag Loading Conveyor
Bag Loading Conveyor
Newtech Industries Suction Blower
Suction Blower

Fine Pre-Cutter

Smooth Pre-Cutter

Washing System,

Flood or Tank Washer

Screw Conveyor Washer
Coconut Washing System

Coconut Lump Breaker
Desiccated Coconut Lump Breaker
Newtech Industries Coconut Pieces Dryer
Coconut Pieces Dryer
Newtech Bucket Type Elevators
Bucket Elevator



  • Category : Coconut Cutting, Deshelling, Peeling Machinery, Coconut Milk Extractor


  • Turnkey Projects
  • Easy Operation
  • Low Cost
  • Long lasting Durability
  • Matchless Performance
  • Prompt Delivery.
  • Quality Propriety.
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Superior Quality Features
  • No Use of Under Grade Material.
  • In House R & D Team
  • Complete Solution
  • Continuous Research & Development.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Prompt After Sales Services
  • Easily Available Spares

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