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Automatic Dosa Maker Machine Manufacturers

The automatic Dosa machine offered by us can make plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Oothappam  & Onion Dosa. The machine can manufacture upto 400 dosas per hour. Gas consumsion for Dosa manufacturing is Gas Consumptions 0.9 Kg per hour.

Kookmate Dosa making Machine can benefit restaurants, food outlets, hotels , canteens, collages, corporate offices, collages, and other institutions.

Dosa Maker Machine Specifications

  • Machine Dimension 50′ x 50′ x 62′
  • Flour capacity 7 Litres
  • Motor 1 H.P. single phase or three phase
  • Oil Capacity 1 litre
  • Provided with heat reduction technology
  • Machine is controlled under PLC.


  • Category : Dosa Making Machine, Idly Batter Machinery Manufacturers


  • Delicious, rolled dosas
  • Variable size & thickness
  • Easy handling.
  • No need of skilled labour
  • Saves Labor cost
  • Maintenance cost is less
  • Fast production
  • Uniform shape & texture

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