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Industrial Boilers Ltd, also known as IBL Group is a leading manufacturer of steam boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, ESP, Autoclaves. We are having a 1000 plus people working in our group.

IBL Group Boiler Products

  1. Agropak FBC Boiler

  2. Brownian Motion Furnace: The Unique Multifuel Boiler

  3. Petropak:  Automatic Oil / Gas Fired Boiler

  4. Radon:  Radiant FBC Boiler

  5. Agropak-SD: Single Drum Water Tube Boiler

  6. Agroman:  Versatile Hand Fired Boiler

  7. GASPAC Condensing: Superior Gas Fired Boiler

  8. Agroman-h: Versatile Hand Fired Boiler

  9. Agropak TD: Reliable FBC Boiler

  10. BMF-TD: Power Generation High Pressure Bagasse Boiler

  11. GASPAC: Gas Fired Boiler

  12. CF Series: Manual Marine Coal Fired Boiler

  13. Agropak-E: Containerized Husk FBC Boiler

  14. Agropak Plus Boiler: FBC cum BMF Boiler

  15. Petropak TD Gas & Oil: Automatic Oil / Gas Fired Boiler

  16. Vapac-FBC Boiler

  17. Agropak-SD-Pulsating Grate Boiler

  18. Sidewinder Oil cum FBC Boiler

  19. Compact Hybrid Boiler


Power Boilers

  1. Magnum: ultimate Single Drum Power Boiler

  2. EFFIGEN-SD: Power Generation High Pressure FBC Boiler

  3. Petropak- TD: The Power Generation High Pressure Oil – Gas Fired Boiler

  4. BI-DRUM: Power Generation High Pressure FBC Boiler

  5. Huskogen Boiler: Power Generation FBC Boiler

  6. Effigen-SD-Water Tube Pulsating Grate Boiler

  7. Sidewinder – Oil and Gas Fired


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