Dhoop Pack Machine Manufacturing Company

Our Dhoop stick packing machine carries out your packing activities very fast and enhances and grows your Dhoop sticks packets production speed drastically. There will not be any breakdown or failure problems with our machine.

Make your dhoop packing tasks simple with this single machine, which we offer with the latest and most attractive features.

Machine Operations

As per your requirement of the size of Dhoop sticks pack, your operator needs to set. Once you place the Dhoop sticks in the tray, it is automatically taken inside by the machine to go ahead with the dhoop sticks to pack it. According to your desired size of Dhoop stick pack, our packing machine automatically senses the input sticks and carries out dhoop stick packing. You will receive the finely finished dhoop sticks pack without any hassles from our machine.

The . The structure of our machine is such that it can take on voluminous packing on a daily basis. It is strong, sturdy, long-lasting and has a design which makes it easy-to-clean, maintain. With this single machine, the cumbersome, laborious dhoop packing task will be done soon.

Pack sealing with heat application is done to make your pack tough and smooth.

Machine working Process

Dhoop sticks are counted

Dhoop sticks are filled in pouches

Dhoop sticks are wrapped with a thin foil

Finally Dhoop sticks are packed with a cardboard box.

The box is sealed and then sent out through the outlet.





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  • Speedy Dhoop Sticks Packing
  • Standard Quality Machine
  • Innovations in Technology
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  • Trouble Free Machinery
  • Ever Lasting Service
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  • Swift Dhoop Packing operations
  • Impressive Production Outputs
  • Pack 800 to 900 Dhoop sticks Per hour
  • Dhoop Packing within Minutes
  • Various Sizes Packed to perfection