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Mini Flow Wrap Machine / Table Top Flow Machine

Flow Wrap Machine is used to pack candles, chocolates, soap, cake, biscuits


  • Feed your products to the machine by placing them in a tray in a particular order.
  • The Flow Wrap Machine will take the products inside and pack your products
  • The packed product will come of the Flow Wrap Machine through the outlet.


  • Category : Chocolate Packaging, Flow Wrapping Machine, Chocolate Wrapper, Twist Wrapping, Pallet Wrappers


  • Compact Mini Flow Wrap Machine
  • Machine Occupies very little floor space
  • Effortless Packing Solutions
  • Pack items of various shapes, sizes
  • Simple controls Flow Wrap Machine
  • PID temperature controller
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • High quality Flow Wrap Machine
  • Impressive Performance
  • Stainless steel Flow Wrap Machine
  • Long-lasting Flow Wrap Machine
  • Pack Cholates, Soup, Cakes Quickly
  • Pack Biscuits accurately & perfectly
  • Lightweight Flow Wrap Machine
  • Easy To Operate Flow Wrap Machine
  • Pack Large number of products quickly
  • Pack efficiently with our Flow Wrap Machine
  • Pack within a shortest possible time

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