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Induction Sealing Machine Manufacturing Company

An induction sealing machine can seal various types of items in the food manufacturing industry, Food processing companies, Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and the beauty care industries.

Ascent Packing Systems offer three models of induction machinery.

  • Portable Type Manual Induction sealer
  • Continuous Table Top Model of Induction sealer
  • Floor Model Automatic Induction sealer

Machinery Specifications

Machine Name Portable- Manual Table Type Floor Model
Model FL500 DGYF-1500A LGYF-12
Working Frequency 1KHZ 70-80KHz 75-85KHz
Power Required 220v/ -1Hz 220v/ -50Hz 220v/ -50Hz
Power Consumption 500W 1.5 KW 2 KW
Conveyor Speed Adjustable 10mtrs/ min Adjustable 15mtrs/ min
Sealing Diameter 10-100mm 20 -50mm 20-130mm
Bottle Height Adjustable  from 20- 200mm Adjustable  from 40- 300mm
Machine dimensions 265x270x100mm 1200 x550 x450mm 1500×550×1350
Machine Weight 4 Kg Apx-60 Kg 150 kg
Cooling Systems 3 cooler fans 3 cooler fans


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