Wood Work Machinery

What is a Woodworking Machine?

A woodworking machine is a machine used for wood processing to make finished wood products by cutting wood, making the wooden surface smooth, and changing the size, and shape of solid wood, wood panels, and semi-furnished wood.

Woodworking machines as the name suggest is a machine which is specifically designed for professional craftsman and wooden furniture-making companies to process wood.

Woodworking machines significantly assist in the woodwork which is otherwise hard to be performed by hand.

Woodworking machines are a boon for professional craftsmen, wood seasoning companies, and furniture manufacturing companies. A wide range of Solid woodworking machinery is regularly used for making other wooden articles, wooden flooring, and various types of wooden articles.

Power used for Woodworking Machine working: Electrical motors ranging from 1 hp to 3 hp

These cutting machines are essentially used to save time and achieve high accuracy in making wooden furniture and other articles.

Wood Cutting Machines

Wood cutting machinery is used to cut the wood piece into the ideal shape and estimation. This machine can deliver multiple wood pieces as required by craftsmen. This precision saves labor costs.

Manual woodwork is an extremely time-consuming, tedious tiring job, and this machine turns out to be exceptionally beneficial. The machine gives cutting accuracy, preciseness to achieve the desired sizes and quick handling time.

Wood Thickness/ Surface Planer

Planer is used to processing non-uniform wooden surfaces. The planer machine provides smooth finishing to wood to get flat wooden surfaces to achieve consistency in thickness and shape.

Wood planer machines come in a wide range of surfacing or thickness capacities. As per the industry requirements, planers come in various options and are designed for various woodworking requirements in the wood products manufacturing companies.

Surface/thickness planer machines provided by renowned machine manufacturers are known for speed enhancement in the work process, high accuracy in performance, and efficient operating to achieve wood surface and wood thickness finishing.

The wood surface planer types machines include Combi Planer, Surface Planer, Double Side Surface Planer, Thickness Planer, and Two Side Thickness Planer.

Jig-Saw Wood Cutting Machine

The jigsaw machine is used for artistic wood design wooden articles by craftsmen for Cutting wood with accuracy and speed to achieve the desired wood shapes and sizes. Designer furniture very often needs a lot of curving. Jig-Saw machine becomes a boon for skilled carpenters and craftsmen to add aesthetics to wooden furniture, door, windows, arches, and other wooden articles. Cutting wood into irregular shapes is a skilled job and skilled craftsmen use Jig-saw machines for maximum precision and swiftness for wood designing tasks. Jigsaw wood cutting machines help to accomplish the most accurate wood products. Also waste wood is too for cutting and shaping raw wood with the help of Jig-saw wood processing machinery.

Band saw Machine

The band saw Machine is fundamentally a power saw, a toothed metal blade that is sharp and long and is placed on a mount with wheels to move on and cut wood as per the requirements of the craftsmen.

Who uses Band Saw Machinery?

Woodworking companies, craftsmen, and wooden furniture contractors often find it beneficial to enhance the production cost, speed, and quality of wooden products.

Circular Saw Machine

These are wood cutting machines that come with a sharp metal blade and a provision with very sharp and powerful teeth and are basically used for cutting wood at different angles to get wood cut at a 90-degree angle, or to deliver straight edges. Circular Saw Machinery includes handheld saw machines, tap saw machines, and table saw machines.

Purposes of Circular Saw Machine

Cutting large size plywood sheets, cutting timber logs in timber sawmills.

Spindle moulder machine

Spindle molder machines are machines used to manufacture wooden doors, shutters, door frames, windows, and wooden flooring. The Spindle molder machine performs the right trimming of wood in the desired size and shape.

Some of the Spindle molder machines come with a facility of tenoning function to join together two panels or shutters to make it a finished wooden product ready to use.

Purpose of Spindle moulder machine

The machine is designed to deliver fast production and precise wooden sheets, saving the cost of manufacturing wooden doors, shutters, wooden windows, and more.

Who uses the Spindle moulder machine?

Carpenters, wooden door frame manufacturing companies, and expert craftsmen.

Mortiser Machine for Woodworking

Mortiser Machine is a wood cutting machine with a special purpose to cut and achieve rectangular and square holes in timber or plywood.

Router Machines Woodworking

Router machines are high-speed processing machine tools and are used to create the desired size hollow or in other words, hollow out wooden materials from timber or plywood.
Power Routers can create a route, trim, and achieve the desired shape of wooden products.

Benefits/ Applications of Router Machines in Woodworking

Creating a wooden pattern in any wooden product such as door, windows, or wooden furniture.
To achieve sharp wooden edges
Cutting of wooden joints
Giving an Aesthetic look to wooden furniture, wooden articles, and wooden products.

Dust Collector Woodworking Machines

Dust Collector machines come with dust filters, dust receptacle, blower, and dust container, and it absorbs high volumes of wood dust particles on the production unit floor and in the air.

The benefit of a dust collector

Pollution control and environmental conservation are the prime purposes of the dust collector system.

Woodworking companies and woodworking workshops commonly require dust Collector machines to reduce and minimize the quantum of fine dust produced by woodworking machinery which may cause respiratory issues to craftsmen, office staff, labor force, managers, supervisors, and visitors.

Hot Press Plywood Processing Machinery

A hydraulic hot press Woodworking machine is a compression device, that puts exerted force on fluid to generate force to operate, and enables the mechanical deformation of wood-based plywood composites with the help of high temperature to achieve the final desired plywood-based products.

In simple terms, Hot Press Machinery is all about the hot-pressing process to manufacture plywood, veneer boards, block boards, flush doors, laminated ply, and other plywood allied products.

In 2022, with the importance of plywood-related products, this becomes a vital Machinery category for Woodworking and wood processing.

The temperature needs to be controlled precisely for the use of hot press machines. The methods of commercial hydraulic hot press machines operating include the oil heating method, the way of using electricity, and by using steam.

Hydraulic Plywood Press Machinery includes Hydraulic Plywood Press, Hydraulic Laminate Press, Hydraulic Bonding Press, Hydraulic Special Purpose Plywood Press, Door Press, and Hydraulic Densified Plywood Press.

Hot Press Plywood Processing Machinery includes a wide range of Hydraulic Plywood Press Machinery. for manufacturing plywood, particle boards, pre-laminated plywood sheets, ply boards, industrial laminate plywood, and flush doors.

Hydraulic Cold Press Woodworking Machines / Pre-press machine

Cold press plywood manufacturing is another hydraulic technology machine type for processing plywood, MDF sheets.

Woodworking Sanding Machinery

A woodworking sanding machine is a portable power woodworking machine used for smoothing wood through tapes, discs, and rollers for finishing various wooden products including sanding wooden articles, smoothing wooden surfaces, cleaning, wooden product surfaces, and polishing wooden products.

Types of Woodworking Power Sanding Machines

Disk Sander
Belt sander
Orbital sander

Wood Lathe / Woodworking Lathe Machines

A woodworking lathe machine is used by rotating a wooden workpiece to a stationary cutting machine tool to cut, sand, drill, face, turn and remove wood from the wooden workpiece to give a desired shape and size and finish the desired deform wooden products and workpieces. The wood lathe machine rotation speed is controlled with the help of pulleys.

Types of Wood making Machinery

Wood-making machinery includes a wide range of machines such as wood planers, woodcutters, Jig-Saw machines, moulders wooden machinery, Planers, Combi Planer, Surface Planer, Double Side Surface Planer, Thickness Planer, Two Side Thickness Planer, Mould Machine, 4 Side Moulder Machine, Woodworking Combination Machines, Sliding table saws, Surface wood planers, Thickness wood Planers, wood Sanding machines
Woodworking Lathes, Spindle Moulders
Used Woodworking Machines, Band Saw, Sharpening machines, Dust collectors
Power Feeders, Woodworking machinery related spare parts,Spindle Moulder Machine, Automatic Mould Machine, Router Machine, Manual Router Machine, Hi-Speed Router Machine, Solid Wood Machinery Panel Processing Machinery, Saw Machine, Single Line Rip Saw, Jigsaw Machine, Band Saw Machine, Circular Saw Machine, CNC Routers Machine, Hi-Speed Router Machine, Dust Collector, Modular Furniture Industry Specific Machinery, Panel Saw, High-Speed Auto Edge Bander, High-Speed Auto Edge Banders, Multi Boring, CNC Horizontal Boring, Nesting CNC Router, Sander Machine, Wide Belt Sander, Mortiser Machine, Oscillation Mortiser, Tenoner Machine, Round End Tenoner, Clamp Carrier, Blade Grinder Machine, Beam Saw Machine, Curvilinear Edge Bander, Edge Trimmer, Edge Bander, Multi boring Machine, Post Forming Machine, Spindle Moulder Machine, Hot Press Machine, Cold Press Machine, Roller Press Machine, Dust Collector, Solid Wood Working Industry Specific Suggested Machines, Modula, Panel Saw, Vacuum Membrane Press.

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