A Culture Trip to Sawantwadi City

Sawantwadi is located in Maharashtra, near the state’s border with Goa.  Sawantwadi is a traditional town and is referred to as the root Konkan. Sawantwadi is well-known for its heritage, culture, and cuisine.

The nearest airport to Sawantwadi: Dabolim, Goa (2-hour drive)

Distance by road from Mumbai to Sawantwadi: 520 km

Railway: Train on the Konkan railway route.

Book a hotel room in Sawantwadi town in advance to save your time searching for hotel rooms when to reach here.  Moti Talav is located in the heart of Sawantwadi. A well-known recreation center is located next to the local people. Enjoy Boating & Water sports on the lake.

Hotel rooms and many good restaurants are there near the lake also, being the marketplace. The Royal palace of Sawantwadi is also nearby and located on the opposite side of the lake.

If you reach your Sawantwadi hotel room at night, you can plan your next morning picnic day schedule to visit the Moti Talav and the unique marketplace here.

The Sawantwadi hotel room near the lake has many more places to visit in the city. The Rajwada or the Royal Palace is another historical landmark here.

The two-storied building, museum rooms, and landscaped garden are worth a visit. Local and European architecture is seen here. Do not expect much by way of grand displays.

The Durbar Hall with its painted ceiling, chandelier, royal portraits, throne, weaponry, other artifacts, and animal trophies is interesting. A few other rooms have been converted into museum galleries.

Chitar Ali Market

Situated within the city of Sawantwadi, this is a historical toy marketplace. From the Moti Talav, you need to go ahead uphill to reach Chitar Ali. A market lane of specialized toy shops made of wood.

Sawantwadi is famous for this wooden toy marketplace. The historical and traditional wooden toy manufacturers of Sawantwadi are artistic and skillful toy makers.

Wooden fruit colors combination make these fruits appear like real fruits. Sawantwadi wooden toy price structure is worth the goods. Tourists visit this marketplace to buy children’s wooden toys in the market.

The Chitari community is in this toy-making profession for many generations. As with most traditional crafts, these wooden toys are also facing stiff competition from Chinese goods. While exploring the toy shops, you may also check out the grocery stores for genuine Malvani spices.

Tourists prefer to hire hotel rooms near the Sawantwadi marketplace, to live within the traditional Konkani capital Sawantwadi. Here you have tasty Malwani food. A variety of fish recipes are served in various hotel rooms and restaurants here.

Thakar Adivasi Kala Angan in Pinguli village

30 km from Sawantwadi, take the National Highway 66 road to reach the place.
A cultural center and museum in Pinguli, a tribal village, nearly 30km away by road from Sawantwadi.
Gangavane family manages these activities to preserve the traditional Thakar tribe folk culture.

They specialize in string and shadow puppetry, and Chitrakathi (a musical explained through paintings).

You will see specimens of the art painted on tree trunks and dioramas explaining the tribal lifestyle. The museum here is all about nice puppets, unique paintings, and musical instruments.


Sindhudurg is a two hours drive from the city Sawantwadi.
Sindhudurg is a coastal town and the very famous Sindudurg fort is an island fort located in the Arabian Sea. Sindhudurg fort was constructed in 1667. The wonderful skills of past time architecture are seen here.

The fort has a temple dedicated to the valiant Maratha leader Chhatrapati Shivaji. While returning back to your hotel room in Sawantwadi, visit restaurants in Malvan. Malvan is well-known for its unique cuisine.

Vengula hotel rooms, resort rooms on rent

Vengurla beach hotel is 30 km from Sawantwadi. Vengurla is a peaceful and popular sea beach town in Konkan. Travel to Vengula and plan your stay in the beach resort room here. You can stay here in hotel rooms and visit the Redi Ganpati, Terekhol Fort, the old port of Vengurla, Vithoba Temple, and Sagareshwar Beach. Vengurla hotel rooms provide restaurant food with room service facilities.

Although the misty green hills of Amboli deserve a visit on their own, you can also make a day visit from Sawantwadi, which is around 30km away by road.

Visit Amboli during the monsoon to enjoy the scenic beauty of the innumerable waterfalls on the hills. Hotel rooms with Konkani fish food room services are provided here.

People clamber up the slopes and reach underneath the waterfalls in rain to enjoy the waters. The rocks are very slippery and you need to be cautious while walking on the hill slopes/

Stay at the Amboli resort room and visit here the Kavaleshwet point, Mahadevgad point, Origin of the Hiryankeshi River, and the temple and Shirgaokar point.

Nivati beach

Located in Parule village, near Vengurla in Sindhudurg district, Nivati Beach is a clean and peaceful beach of white sand on the Arabian Sea across the Konkan coast of Maharashtra.

Good resorts, along the beach, Nivati is a nice getaway for Sawantwadi and Goa. The beach resort rooms here are places where you can enjoy the ocean waters to the fullest. Nivati beach resorts have a quiet and peaceful resort room stay feeling.

Across this beach is NIvati Fort. The presence of the fort along the shoreline makes the Nivati beach resort room a nice spot to enjoy the scenic beauty here.

Stay in the beach resort rooms and beach cottages at Nivati to listen to the ocean waves and sounds of the beach, and nothing else. Also when you want to move around the beach.

Another activity to watch and accessible from the Nivati beach resort room is the style of fishing called the Rampani fishing. Operated from the beach shore, the seine retrieve fishes like mackerel, ribbonfish, and sardines from the ocean.

Staying in the beach resort room you can view the Nivali Fort. The springs on the fort and the rocks at the bottom of the Nivati fort are good sites to view. You can also catch dolphin droops near the beach.

Your beach hotel rooms and cottages have direct access to the liest crowdy Nivati beach. A 5 km long stretch of backwaters along with paddy fields and Nivati rock, a collection of three rocky islands around 10 nautical miles out in the sea.

Bhogwe beach resort

Beachside cottage resort and resort rooms on the 3 km long Bhogwe beach are worth the experience. Bhogwe beach is a beautiful and scenic beaches in Vengurla.

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