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Types of Pharmaceutical Machines

Superior quality and latest technology Pharmaceutical Machineries and pharmaceutical Equipments are in big demand nowadays.

Pharmaceutical machinery sector includes machines for the manufacturing of medicine Tablets, tableting machines,medicine Capsules, Cosmetics, Liquid medicine manufacturing machinery, Ointments manufacturing, Tube Filling, Liquid Filling, labelling machines.

Medicines in form of tablets come in various sizes, colors, and shapes such as small tablets, Soft and Hard gelatin capsules, rounded tablets, sugar coated tablets, Film Coated tablets.

Tabletting pharmaceutical machines

Rotary Tableting Machine, Granulator, Blister Packing Machine, Mass Mixer, Capsule Filling Machine, Sieving, Drying Oven, Coating Machine, Multi Mill, Grading & Straining, Rotary Piston Filling & Sealing Machine.

Sugar Coated Tablets making machine

Sugar coating being the prime essence in tabletting, the demand is on the higher side. To speed up the sugar coating process, effective proven Coating Machine provided with Mobile Hot Air Blower is made available by pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers.

Film Coated Tablets Manufacturing Machinery

Film coating process involves spraying of coating layer made of polymer upon the tablet core part, to add polymer film layer.

Tablet Coating conventional Machine

Core tablet products are coated in the conventional Coating pan that rotates and when the pan is in motion, spraying system sprays the coating materials. Core materials are coated with the help of technology. Hot air blower is provided within the system, which speeds up the drying.

Automated tablet coating machine

Automatic Tablet Coating machine fundamental operation principle remain the same as the conventional tablet coaters. But the process happens with Automation making it easy.

However the functioning is entirely automatic having PLC Controls with touch screen Interface.

The rotating Drum inside the machine moves the tablets in rotation and the coating ingredients are sprayed automatically on the tablet core surface. Drying happening automatically within the machine, along with the inbuilt air blowers.

Automated tablet coating machines are used for sugar coating of tablets, organic film, Film Coating with organic solvent, organic film coatings, Enteric Coating, aqueous coating, Sugar Coating, and sugar film.

Capsule Filling Machines

Capsule filling machinery perform activities such as capsule Filling, Polishing, Inspection,Granulation, capsule Counting machines.

Various machinery involved in pharma industry for capsule manufacturing include Capsule Filling machines, Capsule Polishing Machine, Dust Extractor, Empty Capsule Ejector machine, Damage Capsule Sorter & Capsule Conveying machine equipment.

Capsule filling machinery types are manually operated capsule filling machines and semi- automatic and automatic capsule filling machines, capsule filling line with complete automation.

Manual Capsule Filling Machines

Machine body machine is made up of rust free Stainless Steel material. Hand Operated Capsule Filling Machine is a table top machine completely human operated and so it easy to operate and maintain as well. There is no requirement of any additional electrical device, thus saving the cost of production.

A standard model for Hand Operated Capsule Filling Machine comes with a capacity of loading and filling 300 capsules for a single time operation. Manual capsule filling machine comes with hard and durable SS trays to enable the loading of empty capsule to perform capsule filling activities. Once the capsule filling is complete, you need to turn the SS tray to get you ready filled capsules and empty the tray for the next filling batch.

Results of the machine are accurate and the capsule filling procedure is easy and economical, and negligible wastage is there. Manual capsule filling machine are popular in the small scale pharmacy companies.

Uses of Manual Operation Capsule Filling Machine

Filling Capsules with the desired medicine granules, medicine powder, & tablets.

Automatic Capsule Orienter Machine

Automatic Capsule Loading machine is compact machine and speeds up capsule manufacturing processes.

The machine, also known as Automatic Capsule Inserter performing automatic loading of empty capsules on the manual capsule filling machine loading tray for Capsule Filling purposes giving higher production rate of capsules.

300 capsules loading happens within 40 seconds, with the help of the Automatic Capsule Orienter, that manually needs a 5 to 6 minutes time span. So each batch production happening faster and generating good response has made this machine popular in the pharmacy industry.

Capsule filling Line

Capsule Filling Line is group of equipments which works in a sequence to perform complete encapsulation operations. Few machinery equipments form a line to perform encapsulation process, call as capsule filling line.

Automatic Capsule Filling Line includes Capsule Filler, Capsule Polishing Machine, Dust Extractor, Empty Capsule Ejector, Damage Capsule Sorter & Capsule Conveying System.

The Capsule passes through various machine and equipment  in automation to complete the production process automatically in a Automatic Capsule production / capsule filling Line.

Uses of capsule Encapsulation Line in the pharma industry

Filling Capsules with the desired medicine powder, medicine granules & pharma tablets.

Automation Mode

Semi Automatic
Fully Automatic.

Capsule Filling Line Working Procedure

The capsule passes from one equipment to other in continuous process in a line. The line is a chamber made of stainless steel material.
Capsules roll within bristles and filter.
The powder upon capsules and its edge are separated and extracted by suction with the help of another equipment known as Dust extractor. The final finished Capsules clean and polished.

Capsule Sorter Elevator

Capsule Sorter Elevator finds out the empty capsules & elevates the correct capsule to the hopper of Capsule filing machine.

Dust Extractor Machine

The Dust Extractor operates on vacuum technology  to remove the excess powder on capsules.

Empty Capsule Ejector

Empty Capsule Ejector functions to eject the empty capsules from the filled capsules. Force of air operates and filled capsule falls down and the empty capsule ejects out.

Damage Capsule Sorter

Damaged capsules are removed before the capsules go in the Capsule Filling Machine.

Capsule conveying system

Automatic capsule conveying system does not require any handling. The Capsule conveying machine conveys Capsules from capsule Filling Machine to next process equipment with a pump to function of sucking and conveying filled capsules.

Metal detector pharmacy equipment

Metal detector pharmaceutical machine are required to identify and verify, and reject any stainless, Ferrous, metals Non-Ferrous metals, metal components are present by any mistake in the capsules.

Capsule Sampling & Weighing System

Once the capsules are filled, the Capsule Sampling & Weighing System weigh the capsules in batches and individual capsules. In case desired weight of the capsule is not found the HMI  (Human Machine Interface) shows a message to convey the production unit staff and workers.

Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Ointment Manufacturing plant consists mixers, agitators, Ointment manufacturing plant automation machinery with tube filling line, tube cleaning, filling, sealing, embossing , online batch coding, weighing facility, manufacturing vessel,flush bottom valve, water phase vessel with side mounted fast speed stirrer, manufacturing vessel with double speed anchor and fast speed emulsifier fitted with mechanical seal, lifting pneumatically for manufacturing vessel, spray ball on top cover for cleaning main vessel, monitoring of the product temperature with digital indicator on panel, electric control panel board with all necessary controls.

Applications of ointment manufacturing plant machinery

Ointment Manufacturing Plant medical creams, lotions, gels, pharmaceutical ointment, pharmaceutical creams, tooth paste, pharmaceutical lotions, emulsions.

Planetary Mixing Machine

As the name suggests, mixing is the purpose of the planetary Mixer. The horizontal blade and anchor are provided for mixing purpose along with shearing action of homoginizer.

Applications of Planetary Mixer

Mixing Ointments, Pharmaceutical Creams, Cosmetic Creams, Ceramics, Ink Pastes, Colour Pigments, Rubber, Compounds, lotions.

Tube Filling Procedure

The empty tubes are placed in the cassette, that proceed ahead to the product feeder, and the empty tube is fed by the feeder. Thereafter the tube is pressed and sealed.

Automatic Tube Filling Machines

Automatic Tube Filling Machines are used to fill pharmaceutical cream and medical ointment in packing metal cylindrical tubes, aluminium tubes, plastic tubes and seal it.

If the filling station has no tube in place, the automatic Tube Filling Machines does not go ahead with the filling action.

Automatic Tube Filling Machines machine stops automatically, in case any jams in the process.

Automatic Tube Filling Machines is provided with Alarm System if any abnormal things happen in the manufacturing and Processing system.

Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling Machinery

The Machines provided for liquid filling in pharma industry varies as per the company requirements and purpose of use. Various machinery includes, Vial Filling Machine, Liquid Filling Machine, Ampoule Filling Machine, Cap Sealing Machine, Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine, Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machines, Automatic Bottle Filling & Cap Sealing Machine, Automatic Liquid Filling Machine, Vacuum Liquid Filling Machine, Rotary Bottle Washing Machines.

Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling Machines functions include filling medicine with volumetric piston filling mechanism to fill bottles, vials, ampoules according to the desired quantity of precise pack size.

No Bottle-no fill mechanism is adopted and provided for the Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling Machines to avoid breakages, wastage and irregularities in production units.

Vacuum Liquid Filling Machine

Vacuum Liquid fillings functions with the vacuum pressure techniques for filling foamy pharmaceutical liquids.

Pharmaceutical Ampoules manufacturing

Ampoule preserve fluid. Ampoules are made by applying direct heat to tubing glass. Pharmaceutical ampoules sealing is done application of heat and by melting the thin top.

Ampoule Filling Machine

Ampoule filling machines fill the liquid medicine in the glass without having anything in direct contact with the medicine inside. Ampoule machines are many times provided with a built in facility to check weight which guarantees preciseness in production.

Ampoule filling machines application is for Filling ampoules vials.

Ampoule coding machines

Ring banding is provided on the finished ampoule to identify.

Filling range of ampoule machines

1ml to 20 ml.

Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

Volumetric Liquid Filling Machines function over liquid fillings for low to medium viscosity.

Pharmaceutical Packing Machinery

Tablet packing, capsule packing, medicine bottle packing, ointment packing, Capsule Filling, Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery, Liquid Packaging, Tube Packaging, Sachet Packaging, Automatic Metal Tube Filling Machine, Plastic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine, Aluminium Tube Filler.

FFS Sachet Packaging Machines

Sachet Packaging Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines are used to pack pouches for filling powder, tablets, capsules, granules, and liquids.

FFS machines as the name suggests, are multipurpose machines, with a durable stainless steel body. The applications of one single machine include forming, filling, and sealing of tablets or capsules or liquid, metal materials, or polyethylene materials into pouches.

Automatic Tablets Capsules bottling and Packing Line

Multipurpose tasking performance with one machine with automation.
The activities include accurate Counting and filling of various sizes of tablets within a range of 5 mm to 20 mm and hard gelatin capsules, in glass bottles or plastic bottles.

Automatic Strip Packing Machine

Stainless automatic Strip Packing Machine is used for feeding, sealing, slitting, cutting and packing uncoated or coated tablets, capsules in aluminium foils, and polythene.

Automatic strip packing machines are high-tech, and reliable, have a low maintenance cost, popular and multipurpose machines to speed up mass tablets production and packaging for the pharma industry.

Benefits of Automatic strip packing machines

Complete Automation
High-Speed Performance
Advance Features
Easy to Use & Easy to Clean
Highly Durable
High-efficiency machines
Multi-tasking Operations
PLC human interface
Rust-free Stainless steel body
Save Production Cost
Minimum Labor Expenses
Low Maintenance Cost
Blister Packaging Machinery
Blister Packaging Machines are used in the pharmaceutical industry for packing Tablets, capsules, Ampoules, and Vials.

Labeling Machinery for Pharmaceutical Products

Labeling machines in the pharma industry print and apply labels with medicine details, bar codes, and brand names on various pharmaceutical, products and medicine packages.

Manually dispensing machines and automatic machines with a completely automatic print facility are used for labeling.

Labeling machinery includes label printers and label applicators.

Label machines manufacture labels in customized designs and desired colors according to the product requirements and packing types such as aluminum, glass, steel, and plastic Packaging.

Type of Labeling Machinery

As per the requirements of the pharmaceutical companies, a wide range of labeling machinery is available in the pharmaceutical machinery market, including;
Carton Code Printing, Wet Glue Bottle Labeling Machine, Semi Automatic Labeling Machine, Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine, Fully Automatic Labeling Machine, Automatic Self Adhesive Ampoule, Vial Labeling Machine, Semi Automatic Self Adhesive Labeling Machine, Automatic Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine, Wet Glue Labeling Machine, Automatic One Side Sticker Labeling Machine, Automatic both Side Sticker Labeling Machines.