They are perfect for a weekend getaway for residents of Pune or Mumbai. Harihareshwar Beach is considered the most popular of the beaches along the Konkan coastline.

Tourists visit this picturesque and calm beach to enjoy a peaceful weekend. It is around 170 km from Pune and is accessible by road. It is characterized by soft and clean sands and a cool, gentle breeze.

The Harihar hill, with lush, green vegetation, in the background, further adds to the beauty of the place.

The town of Harihareshwar is also home to the famous 16th-century temple of the Hindu Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; it is known as the Harihareshwar temple.

In addition, there are other small temples; thus making it a pilgrim place as well.

The Konkani huts are set in a bamboo grove. In each hotel room of the beach resort, the hotel has an attached balcony, with sliding doors to provide a better view of the sea.

But there are enough options for hotel room stay prices along with food facilities packages if you would like to sample typical Konkani seafood.

The Kalbhairav Temple, housing idols of the Hindu Trinity as well as the Goddess Parvati, is shrouded in mystery as far as its year of construction is concerned.

The architecture is fairly simple and the one-storeyed structure is located on a large compound facing the sea.

Ganesh Gully is Harihareshwar’s favorite legend passed down generations and is centered around Ganesh Gully.

Although the clear waters look inviting and calm, there are strong undercurrents. Swimming is advisable only during high tide. Also, it is recommended that swimmers stick to the southern side of the beach if opting for beachwear.

Harihareshwar Boating Point on the beach operates and provides boating facilities from morning till twilight. During season time, Private boat operators and service providers offer Boating sports, Water scooter Rides, and family boat rides. Life jackets are provided for your safety.

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Cottages, Hotel rooms, Resort rooms, homestay room facilities with local specialty food fish, Surmai fish, prawn fish with prawn masala, and crab curry. Kokum is the favorite local drink, that is served in resort room stay customers as a starter drink and for a local aftertaste also.

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