Ganpatipule is located in Konkan near Ratnagiri.

Ganpatipule, as the name indicates is a Lord Ganesha temple town. Ganpatipule is a holy town as well as a popular tourist destination. Thousands of pilgrims visit Ganpatipule to seek Ganpati god’s blessings.

Ganpatipule is a well-known beachside vacation stay destination amongst Indians and a favorite place to visit among foreign tourists also.

Ganpatipule is a scenic beach town in Maharashtra and is a very popular vacation destination for a soothing and relaxing vacation stay.

It also makes for a relaxing weekend getaway thanks to the pleasant long drive and a pristine white sand beach in Ganpatipule greeting you in the end.

Best time to visit: October to February

Driving distance from Mumbai: 332 km (6 hours 53 minutes drive)
Driving distance from Ratnagiri: 15 km (25 minutes drive)

Stay Facilities in Ganpatipule: Various local people in Ganpatipule have constructed and developed rooms next to their own houses to give on rent to tourists.

Homestay facilities and services are offered by natives and the people staying within the beachside town locality of Ganpatipule.

Home side stays accommodation in Ganpatipule is often provided along with homemade kokanee food services.

Luxurious hotel stay options or resort stay options in Ganpatipule are relatively less.

Restaurants here offer local home tasty food recipes and many popular Konkani food items.

Since limited hotel stay options are there in Ganpatipule, it is always preferable to book your hotel stay accommodation room, homestay rooms, or resort room in advance or online.

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Two things that attract travelers to Ganpatipule are the beachside Ganpati temple and the beach.

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The Ganpatipule temple is a Swayambhu Ganpati Temple known to people for 400 years. The Ganesh murti/idol here in the Temple is facing the west towards the Ocean.

A hill behind the temple is shaped similar to the Lord Ganpati God Idol. The hill also offers panoramic views of the beach.

You can take evening strolls on the 6 km long beach or try water sports that are offered here.

Being a traditional Konkani beach town, Stay facilities are offered by local people, hotels, and resorts along with tea, breakfast, and meals having special Konkani recipes in Ganpatipule.

Search for homestay rooms, hotel rooms, resorts, and hill-view hotels. Book your stay in advance as accommodation options are limited.

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