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House Wire Cables, and Multicore Flexible Cables


Weldon Cables Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of house wiring cables in India.


This page displays modern electric fittings to suit the interiors of an ultra-modern home. The latest range of designer switches, and appliances in different colors and designs. You can browse electrical fittings in attractive colors and sizes. Fan switches, lights, and cables are cost-efficient and help to save energy. Many of the store display decorative electrical supplies including include fuses, cables and wires, extension cords, electric boxes, beautiful lighting pull switches, ceiling fans, heating systems, and so forth. Some of the Exclusive Electrical Supplies collection includes table lamps, power controllers like stabilizers, insulators, security systems, and security safes.
Designer switches and decorative ceiling pull add to the décor of any room in your house. These sockets conceal the screws. Switches of different colors can match the décor of different rooms in your home. For easy purchase of a variety of switches and electrical supplies, manufacturers showcase their exclusive products on these pages whereby customers, home buyers, house renovation contractors, architects, builders, developers, civil contractors, and electrical consultants are provided complete information regarding power appliances and their relative prices.
Electrical engineers professionals design, improve, and manufacture electrical equipment and applications.
Electrical engineer lifestyle and duties include designing and developing electrical systems, devices, and products Calculating manufacturing and installation specifications for construction, Identifying and fixing power system problems, and Fielding public or organizational complaints.
Electrical engineering works include power generation, manufacturing, research and development, and telecommunications. Electrical engineers may work in many environments depending on their roles and projects. Electrical Projects may require on-site visits to meet with clients and solve problems.
Electrical engineers need to possess a rich and diverse skill set. Their specialized ability to design circuits and systems, work with technical drawings, and design software. The primary duties of an electrician include maintaining, fixing, and installing electrical equipment and wiring in apartments and private homes. You will also come across residential electricians in your city who work as contractors and represent construction companies; such contractors perform the job of installing wiring in the newly built homes. Residential electricians representing well-known electrical contracting companies usually work both indoors and outdoors, which makes their job riskier compared to others is the dangerous effects electricity can offer. If the electricians you know are from a reputable and trusted firm, In case of an emergency, electricians will also be ready to work on holidays and weekends.
Electrical engineers work with builders, architects, electricity boards, MSEB, manufacturing companies, government, and research and development professionals.
Large range of Variety switches, Anchor Switches, Concealed electrical wiring, Casing capping plastic patties to cover wires, Street Light, Plastic Fixtures For Tube Light, Led. Lamp, Electric Ballast, Emergency Light, CFL Adaptor, Led Fixture.
Dealers, distributors of electrical wires, Bulbs, Tubes, Electrical Switches.
Dealers, manufacturers, stockists, showrooms, retailers. distributors of electrical wires, Bulbs, Tubes, Electrical Switches. Electrical Material, Licensed Electrical Contractors.