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Construction Chemicals Manufacturers, Admixtures, Adhesives & Waterproofing

Kunal Conchem Pvt Ltd


Tailormade construction solution for various sectors such as building Sector, Roads, Airports, Power Sector, Concrete, Irrigation & Dams, Ports & Marine and Oil & Refinery.…

Gear indicating machines
Construction Chemicals Manufacturers, Admixtures, Adhesives & Waterproofing

Razon Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd


Construction chemicals materials and Service sectors include Highways, Roads & Bridge construction, builder new constructions, Air-ports, Railways & Sea-ports, Cement Industry, Steel Industry, Building Repairs…

Gear indicating machines
Construction Chemicals Manufacturers, Admixtures, Adhesives & Waterproofing

ADT Industries


ADT Industries are manufacturers, traders and suppliers of Sealants, paints,  Putty, Grouts and hardener, Construction chemicals, concrete admixtures, waterproofing agents, Carbon Fibre Rapping, Tapes &…


Construction chemicals: Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and services

Manufacturers, traders, service providers, and stockists of Water Proofing Chemicals, Epoxy Self Leveling, Concrete AdMixture, Steel Epoxy Adhesives, Industrial Sealants, Water Proof Coatings, Water Proofing Compound, Latex Admixture AAC Block Adhesive, Epoxy grout, Epoxy Primer, Epoxy Screed, Epoxy Concrete Sealer, Epoxy Adhesives, Quick Setting Epoxy Adhesives, Integral Water Proofing Compounds, Performance Coatings, Steel Abrasives.

Products Range in Construction Chemicals

1) Concrete Curing chemicals Compounds are applied on freshly built concrete.
Features: Speed up the process and strengthen the construction structures, improving the construction quality and performance.
Acrylic Concrete Curing Compounds
Hydrocarbon Concrete Curing Compounds
PVA Based on Concrete Curing Compounds

2) Admixtures: Construction chemicals are added to concrete for multiple reasons.
Types: Coloring Admixtures, Grouting Admixtures, Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures, Bonding Admixtures, Accelerating Admixtures, Air entraining concrete admixtures, Pozzolanic Admixtures
Damp-proofing Admixtures, Gas forming Admixtures, Air detraining Admixtures, Water Reducing Admixtures, Retarding Admixtures, Alkali Aggregate Expansion, Inhibiting Admixtures
Anti-washout Admixtures, Fungicidal, Germicidal, and Insecticidal Admixtures

3) Construction adhesives – Manufacturers and traders for Epoxy adhesives Structural adhesives and Non-structural adhesives, and tile Adhesives.

4) Polymer Bonding Agents

5) Waterproofing Chemicals

6) Mould-releasing agents

7) Protective coatings chemicals
Metallic Protective coatings
Non-metallic protective coatings

8) Form releasing agents :
Chemical-based form-releasing agents
Oil-based form-releasing agents
Resin-based form releasing agents
Water-based form releasing agents

9) Deactivators

10) Bond aid for plastering

11) Ready-mix plaster

12) Non-shrink High Strength Grout

13) Polymer modified mortar

14) Guniting aid

15) Rebar coating

16) Epoxy coatings

17) Epoxy Grouts

18) Chemical for high-performance concrete

19) Sealants And Caulks in construction

Polymer Grout, Wall Putty.

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