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Cold Storage

Cold storage rooms as the name suggests are a service, provided for storage purposes, to store food items, dairy products, frozen foods, spices, pharmaceutical products, packaged food products, chemicals, medicine, and any other materials and products in big-size and huge freezers, at a very low temperature to preserve and increase the validity of the stored items, products, and goods.

What is the purpose of cold storage?

Some fruits and foods cannot be sold at the same time, and so various farmers, food dealers, distributors, and manufacturers need to maintain stocks that are preserved by cold storage service vendors in cold storage rooms.
Mass packaged food production has to be done at one time, which does take more time to sell in the market, So in the meantime, it has to be kept in cold storage rooms.
Agri products including vegetables, grains, and off-season fruits have a limited shelf life and in such cases, cold storage facilities and cold storage rooms prove to be a boon for farmers, fruit vendors, vegetable vendors, and fruit distributors.

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