Industry-Wise Customized SEO Consultant Services

We Provide Category-Wise Seo

Similar categories do have some things in common

Local Seo

This Type of Seo deal with local businesses, which have their target audience restricted to a city or town or suburban area/s of a Mega City.

Medical Seo


Resort Seo

Images speak more than words in this category Seo

Sports Items, Children Play equipments, Gymnasiums

Dynamic and action oriented category

Manufacturing Company Seo

Target audience is more likely to be B2B as well as B2C for this category websites. Few types are given here.

Real Estate Seo

Property market are relatively larger ticket sized product oriented activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

          SEO or PPC Ads, or Both?
  • Search engine optimization  can give free organic search, but you need to wait for 3 to 6 months for SEO results.
  • PPC is pay per click, which is a paid service on Google Search Engine, which starts showing results immediately.
  • Based upon your preferences, priorities and budget, you need to decide your strategy.
  • Our SEO service experts in Pune India will give you good suggestions on this.
          How can I make use of SEO leads for my business growth?
  • When your website pages start showing on top Google ranking pages, it is likely that there will be a sudden rise in lead generation for you. With our SEO company good services in India this will happen.
  • Your staff should be prepared to handle each inquiry carefully, to optimize your conversion ratio.
  • Your marketing team should be trained and prepared for attending more phone calls.
  • Email marketing campaigns should be done because you will be collecting many email ids from your website visitors.
  • Chat and WhatsApp inquiries will appreciate  immediate and precise response from your marketing team.
           What is ‘Black hat SEO’?
  • Sometimes people tend to take shortcuts to trick the search engines to save their own work and time.
  • To show some progress in website rankings to the client, people use black hat search engine optimization tricks, which may work sometimes for short periods only.
  • Risky black hat SEO is done by spam comment backlinks generation, paid links, doorway pages, invisible text, keyword stuffing, using duplicate or plagiarized  content, article spinning etc.
  • Google penalizes the website pages which are spams, irrelevant and not useful for their users.
  • The common consequences of Black hat SEO or negative search engine optimization are Google penalties. As a result of this, the rankings of such websites drop-down dramatically and drastically. Sometimes in extreme cases Google bans the website from their SERPs.
  • For all of these reasons Seopearls company always goes for white hat good SEO services. We don’t believe in any shortcut search engine optimization methods.