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Garlic Peeling Machine

A garlic peeler can peel different sizes of garlic, cloves and membrane separated. No damages and will have long preservation for garlic. The garlic Peeling machine will peel garlic faster, and peel off the outer skin. The garlic peeling machine will also cut garlic. The automatic garlic peeling machine is very suitable for garlic peeling efficiently,

Potato Peeling Machinery

The Potato Peeling machine pieces of equipment are suitable for continuous peeling of potatoes. The potatoes, Sweet potatoes are needed to be fed in the feed hopper with uniformity. Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Potato Peeling machines will boost the productivity of the food processing industry.

The Automatic potato peeling machine has a minimum wastage and saves the material cost. The potato peeler machine and onion peeling machine ensure that there is a uniform distribution of the peeling action, over the entire Potato surface. This reduces the wastage of Potato. The outer shell of the Potatoes is thrown away with a water jet and disposed of.

Vegetable Peeling Machinery

Vegetable peeling machines are provided with the driveshaft and housing and such machines are used to speed up the peeling process of Vegetables, carrots, potatoes, and Onions.

Such vegetable peeler machine is developed and made easy to use and clean with water inlets for thorough washing.

Vegetable Peeling machines work efficiently and precisely to increase useful inner portions of Vegetables and minimize wastage and makes food production cost-effective.

Automatic Vegetable, Onion Peeling machines, and Potato Peeing machines are used for washing and cleaning potatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic with excellent cleaning results, and considerable labor savings.

Fruit Peeling Machinery: Pineapple Peeler, Mango Peeler, Banana Peeler

Fruit Peeling machines speed up and automize the process of removing the outer shell of fruits. Pineapple Peeler, Electric Peeler, Apple Fruit Peeling Machine Peeler, Banana Peeler, and Mango Peeler are beneficial for the food processing Industry.

Automatic Peeling Machinery

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