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The fire extinguishers segment held the largest share in the fire-fighting chemicals market. Typically, there are two types- fixed fire extinguishers and portable fire extinguishers. Fixed fire extinguishers are automatically activated when the temperature of the place quickly goes up indicating a fire. Fire Hydrants are used in residential building lobbies, staircases, common areas, houses, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, shops, and other commercial buildings. Fire extinguishers may contain dry powder, wet chemicals, foam, or carbon dioxide. Each of these chemicals is suitable for different classes of fire. For instance, foam is preferred to fight fires caused due to wood, paper, cloth, and flammable liquids but not against electrical fires. Fire fighting equipment is a key element of comprehensive fire safety and, in commercial and industrial properties, is often required by legal health and safety regulations.
The government of India has allocated funds for the construction of affordable houses for low-income home buyers. With the increase in construction activities, the sales of fire-fighting types of equipment are also expected to increase.
Buildings must be designed in a way such as they offer an acceptable level of fire safety and minimize the potential for death or injury to the occupants or fire rescue personnel, as well as ensure that most parts of a building can be repaired after a fire. With rapid development across the globe, fire hazards in buildings have become a growing concern in recent years.
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Its common practice to see fire extinguishers in residential and commercial buildings. High-rise buildings, which are harder to access and evacuate, should consider installing automatic sprinkler systems. Hence, the increasing demand for safety regulations from the building and construction industry is expected to drive the fire-fighting chemicals market growth.